Heidelberg Archives Annual Report 2009-2010

Abbreviated Summer of Report Submitted 1 July 2010

Collection Maintenance

  1. Received materials from Professors Noss, Thomas, Barlow, Baker, as well as from many internal offices.
  2. Reorganized and labeled files of the presidents.
  3. Merged several faculty and staff files into one people file.
  4. Visited Laird Hall with Prof. Faber and selected items to come to the archives.
  5. Worked with the Class of 1960 which established an endowment for the archives in honor of the 50th anniversary of their graduation. They purchased two display cabinets for the main floor of University Hall as well as a wall plaque identifying their gift.


  1. Organized a display called “The First Six” about the first buildings on campus for Founders Day 11 November 2009.
  2. Researched previous presidential inaugurations for various offices.
  3. Welcomed the history class of Prof. Nelson and suggested avenues of research for his students.
  4. Organized a display called “Foremost Faculty Selected by the Class of 1960” for Alumni Weekend 2010.
  5. Provided materials for the Class of 1960 in celebration of their 50th year reunion.

Research Assistance

Assisted 58 faculty, students, retirees and other guests in their research.

Professional Development

Visited the Bowling Green State University archives 26 February 2010 and learned that the staff there can help with making microfilm and digitized copies of documents.