Heidelberg Archives Annual Report 2008-2009


Abbreviated Summary of Report Submitted 31 August 2009


Collection Maintenance

  1. Reorganized collections of college catalogs, buildings and grounds, anniversary celebrations, presidential materials, personnel file, Auroras (extras sent to storage in France Hall annex).
  2. Scanned 2/3 of old shelf list into Heidelberg’s M Drive.
  3. Received materials from athletic staff, religious life staff, student life staff and others.

Research Assistance

  1. Prepared materials on O.A.S. Hursh for Prof. Kimmel’s class and a Power Point presentation on “Heidelberg’s Changing Campus” for Prof. Wahlstrom’s class.
  2. Supplied materials and organized display for the name change event 29 January 2009.
  3. Assisted 40 people doing research.


  1. Organized display on “Presidential Pursuits” for Founders Day 10 November 2008.
  2. Interviewed by Leanne Wolff for the campus stories project and Lisa Swickard for an article in the Heidelberg Alumni Bulletin.
  3. Met several times with the Class of 1960 about sponsorship of the archives.

Professional Development

  1. Visited the archives of the Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society at Lancaster Theological Seminary 18 August 2008.
  2. Attend autumn meeting of Society of Ohio Archivists 24 October 2008 at Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont.