Faculty Search Procedures

In order to ensure consistency and equity in filling faculty vacancies at Heidelberg University, the following steps for seeking approval of a faculty position are to be followed.

  1. A Chair/Director, in consultation with the appropriate Provost, will complete an appropriate personnel form for each new or vacant position and forward it to the Faculty Personnel Committee with a copy to the Provost. The form is available from the office of the Provost and on Server Six. The form will include the proposed faculty rank for the position, chosen by using the criteria described in Section 2.2.8.
  2. FPC will review the request, especially to determine whether or not the position is a tenure-track position, and will make recommendation to the Provost, who forwards to the President both the personnel form and the recommendations of FPC.
  3. The Provost will initiate the hiring process. A Search Committee must be formed for all full-time faculty hires. For significant part-time or one-year replacement positions, the Provost in cooperation with FPC will determine whether a Search Committee is necessary. Adjunct positions and part-time positions do not ordinarily require a Search Committee.
  4. The Provost will request names of people to serve on the Search Committee from the Chair/Director. For full-time faculty positions, the Search Committee will be comprised of a majority of faculty with at least one faculty member from the department into which the individual will be hired. At least one student will serve on the committee. The President of the University will appoint individuals to serve on the Search Committee and designate a Chair for the Committee.

The Search Committee will utilize the following procedures:

  • The Chair will call an initial meeting with the Committee and the Provost to review the charge to the committee. The Provost and the Chair of the Search Committee will be responsible for adherence to legal, ethical, and other interview protocols.
  • The Search Committee will develop an advertisement for the position including the position title (including whether it has been approved as tenure track or non-tenure track), a brief description of the duties, necessary qualifications, materials to be submitted, a standard description of Heidelberg University (available from the Provost’s Office), an AA/EEO statement, name and address of a contact person, and an application deadline.

Among the materials to be submitted, the Search Committee should consider including a vitae, all academic transcripts, three current letters of reference, summary of student evaluations, reprints of publications, and a statement of teaching philosophy.

  • The Chair sends the advertisement to the Provost for approval and works with the Administrative Assistant to the Provost to determine where to the place the advertisement.
  • The Committee reviews applications and develops a list of five to six semi-finalists and a list of questions to be used in phone interviews.
  • The Chair coordinates phone calls to the references provided by the candidates. Following the reference calls, the Search Committee determines how many of the semi-finalists will be granted phone interviews.
  • The Committee or designated individuals contact the semi-finalists by phone to ask pre-determined questions, to discuss the salary range for the position, and to determine if the person still has an interest in the position.
  • After the phone interviews, the Committee recommends up to three finalists for on-campus interviews and discusses the recommendations with the Provost.
  • The Chair works with the Provost’s office to make travel and lodging arrangements for candidates, to develop an itinerary for the visits, and to prepare materials to send to the candidates. Candidates are not to purchase their own airline tickets. Itineraries should include a sample classroom presentation. A separate presentation on research interests may also be appropriate. Each candidate should meet with the FPC and with the appropriate Division Head.
  • The Chair serves as host for the candidate during the visit.
  • As part of the on-campus interview, the finalists meet with FPC. The Search Committee chair will arrange the meeting with the chair of FPC. The meeting will be held independently of Search Committee members, or members of the department, unless members of the department are also members of FPC.
  • Following the interview, the Chair is responsible for obtaining feedback from the members of the FPC, Search Committee members, and members of the campus community who met the candidate.
  • After consultation with the Search Committee, the Chair presents a recommendation to the Provost, along with rationale including strengths and weaknesses of the finalists. The recommendation should especially note whether any of the finalists were unqualified or unsuitable for the position. The Provost then makes final recommendation to the President of the University for approval.
  • The Provost will negotiate the contract with the candidate unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Once a signed contract has been returned to the President’s Office, the Search Committee Chair drafts a letter notifying all applicants that the position has been filled, and a separate letter thanking the interviewees for their time and interest in Heidelberg. The department secretary mails the letters unless other arrangements have been made.
  • The Search Committee Chair returns all applicant files to the Provost’s office.