Campus Directory

Name Position Phone Number
Dale Thornton Adjunct Faculty of Business (419)-448-2901
Jennifer Thornton Adjunct Professor of Political Science and Sociology
Kayela Tidrick Director of Wellness and Healthy Living (419)-448-2594
Rhonda Tiell Administrative Assistant, Owen Academic & Career Support Center
Chris Tucci
Associate Professor of Theatre
Director of Theatre
Allen Underwood
Director Graduate Studies in Business
Director Heidelberg Business Institute
Michele Upton Administrative Assistant 419-448-2280
Johanna VanRenterghem Counselor 419-448-2145
Steven Velasquez Professor of Physics (419)-448-2352
Monica Verhoff Executive Assistant to the President & Board of Trustees (419)-448-2202
Emily Walling Assistant Director of Web Services (419) 448-2319
Kelly Warnke Controller (419)-448-2517
Linda Warren Cataloging / Government Documents (419)-448-2101
Leslie Wasserman Adjunct Professor, Early Childhood Specialist
Bradley Weaver Adjunct Instructor of Political Science
Destry Weaver Circulation Supervisor (419)-448-2242
Andrea Weiershauser Custodian (419)-448-2391
Martha Weinandy Custodian (419)-448-2391
David Weininger
Emeritus Provost
Professor of Mathematics
Coordinator, HLC Reaffirmation of Accreditation
Juli Weininger Director of Financial Aid (419)-448-2293
George Welter Warehouse (419)-448-2116
Stacy Wheeler Director of Advancement Services (419)-448-2888
Robyn White Media Producer and Coordinator (419)-448-2270
Aimee Whitmer Graduate Assistant - Women's Soccer (419)-448-2141
Bryan Wickliffe
Men's Basketball Assistant Coach
Men's and Women's Tennis Assistant Coach