2015 Graduate and Undergraduate Honors Ceremony

The Graduate and Undergraduate Honors Ceremony will present the graduate students with the ceremonial hooding and graduate program awards while undergraduate students will receive academic honors.

The Honors Ceremony will be held Saturday, May 9, at 7:30 p.m. in Seiberling Gymnasium. Line-up will take place at 7:00 p.m. in Saurwein's second floor hallway and additional directions may be found on the commencement schedule website . All students will wear their graduation gown only; no caps, hoods, medals, or cords.

Those graduate and undergraduate students unable to attend the Honors Ceremony will receive their honors during the commencement line-up Sunday morning. For students not attending commencement, the honors will be mailed. Summer graduates will not receive their honors until all coursework is finalized and will be mailed along with the diploma.

Undergraduate Academic Honors and Awards

The honors are as follows: Summa Cum Laude - 4.0, Magna Cum Laude - 3.8, and Cum Laude - 3.5. § = Honors Program. ∞ = Latin Honors Pending. * = Departmental Honors. + = Heidelberg Honor Society. If you have any questions concerning eligibility for honors, call (419) 448-2091.

  Brandi Nicole Aldrich Cum Laude
+ Victoria Ann Amburgey Cum Laude
  Tiffany Ann Baird Cum Laude
+ Amanda Marie Barger Magna Cum Laude
§ + Jacob Joseph Belko Magna Cum Laude
§ Lauren Louise Belliveau Cum Laude
§ + Tessa Marie Benanzer Summa Cum Laude
+ Cy Martin Boehler Magna Cum Laude
+ Sarah Catherine Botts Cum Laude
+ Tierney Lynn Czartoski Cum Laude
§ Ellen Marie Dutton Cum Laude
+ Austin James Fleming Magna Cum Laude
  Sofey Elle Lenore Fugate Cum Laude
+ Brianna Ann Gaietto Cum Laude
+ * Jessie Ann Gase Magna Cum Laude
§ + Erin Elizabeth Gorrell Cum Laude
  Alexander Keith Grove Cum Laude
+ Jubilee Marie Haase Magna Cum Laude
§ + * Meredith Grace Farrell Higgins Magna Cum Laude
+ Janet M. Hill Magna Cum Laude
§ + Mackenzie Ann Honaker Magna Cum Laude
§ + Malorie Jo Honaker Magna Cum Laude
+ Austin Christopher Hunter Cum Laude
* Briana Eva Johnson  
§ Nichole Yvonne Johnson Cum Laude
  Cody Andrew Kaya Cum Laude
+ Denise C. Keeran Summa Cum Laude
+ Ashley Jordan Kessler Magna Cum Laude
§ + Hannah Ruth Long-Higgins Magna Cum Laude
§ + Jeffrey Kyle McDonald Cum Laude
+ Eric Scott Monroe Magna Cum Laude
§ + Alyssa Louise Myerly Magna Cum Laude
  Brian Ngare Cum Laude
§ + Ashley Elizabeth Racicot Magna Cum Laude
§ Grace Marie Samenuk  
+ Cale S. Sandridge Magna Cum Laude
  Jake Stefano Slaback Cum Laude
  Jacob Curtis Smith Cum Laude
  Kristen Aleene Smith Cum Laude
  Stephanie L. Smith Cum Laude
§ Kathryn L. Strahan Cum Laude
+ Tyler R. Theis Cum Laude
  Madeline Drew Virostek Cum Laude
+ Jami Rose Wagner Magna Cum Laude
  Janelle Eileen Wendorf Cum Laude
  Jarrod Scott Wendorf Cum Laude
§ + Alexander Thomas Wilhelm Summa Cum Laude
+ Jacob C. Woost Magna Cum Laude
+ Jodi Lee Zirger Cum Laude