Heidelberg MBA tuition discount targets non-profit employees

Dec 3, 2012

Heidelberg University’s Maumee campus at Arrowhead Park has announced that it will offer a discount on tuition in its MBA program for employees who work full time for non-profit organizations.

Beginning in January 2013, new students who enroll in the MBA program who are employees of qualified non-profits will be eligible for a 25 percent discount on tuition.

“Many students enrolled in our MBA program take advantage of employer-sponsored tuition reimbursement programs,” said Allen Underwood, director of Graduate Studies in Business at the Arrowhead Park campus. “However, it can be a strain on our local charitable organizations and many can’t afford this type of benefit for their employees.”

That’s where the Arrowhead MBA program steps in. The discount tuition program is designed to assist non-profit organizations attract and retain talented employees as they strive to lead lives of purpose with distinction in keeping with Heidelberg’s mission, Underwood said. “For many, this is a reward for those individuals who decide to provide their professional services to non-profit organizations.”

The MBA program is structured around eight-week terms, featuring evening courses with six terms throughout the academic year. In addition to its tuition discount program, the campus also offers flexible admission to accommodate working adults who are looking to distinguish themselves while balancing work, family, learning and life.

The campus provides students a single, easily accessible location in Arrowhead Park to register, pay tuition, purchase books and attend class. A computer lab, wireless internet access and parking are available on site.

For additional information about the tuition discount or to enroll in Heidelberg’s MBA program at the Maumee campus, contact Allen Underwood, director of Graduate Studies in Business, at 419-893-1986 or email aunderwo@heidelberg.edu.