History and Anthropology

The minor in Archaeology provides an introduction to the field and a basic understanding of the nature of material cultural remains and the recovery and interpretation of the archaeological record. Students will be introduced to field research and reporting of results. The minor is designed to help students meet minimum level experience requirements for entering the field of historic preservation or for pursuing a graduate degree in anthropological archaeology.

Minor Courses

  • ANT 100 - Intro to Anthropology or ANT 200 - Cultural Anthropology
  • ANT 210 - Introduction to Archaeology
  • ANT 250 - Archaeological Field and Laboratory Methods
  • ANT 251 - Archeological Field Experience
  • ANT 255 - Analysis of Cultural Materials  
  • ANT 410 - Method and Theory in Archaeology

One course from:

  • ANT 310 - Historic and Military Archaeology
  • ANT 330 - Historic Preservation
  • ANT 340 - Archaeology of North and Central America