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50th Year Reunion: June 2012

Class of 1962 BannerDear Members of the Class of 1962,
[Note: This opening letter and web site will be in constant development as time progresses towards our fantastic 50th Reunion. You will receive email notifications of recent changes as they occur.]

In less than five months, many of us will gather at Heidelberg to celebrate our 50th class reunion, June 22-24, 2012. You have and will continue to receive information about the planning for the reunion. This letter concerns the Memory Book that will be prepared as part of the event. Every member of the class will receive a copy of the Memory Book, either in person by attending the reunion, or by mail.

The 50th Reunion Committee encourages you to complete the Questionnaire online. You can also download this questionnaire.  The information you provide will be edited so as to give a word portrait of you, your family, and your career in the now almost one-half century since you left Heidelberg. We’d like to prepare a brief summary of what you’d want your former classmates to know and remember about you.

For our 50th “golden anniversary” reunion, we’d like to be as accurate and complete as possible. In responding to the questions on the questionnaire, please feel free to use additional sheets of paper to tell us what you have been doing. Just note the number of the question(s) to which you are responding. We would like to have more information than we can use, rather than too little.

We also request a more recent photo of you, this to supplement a photo that may have appeared in an Aurora during your years at Heidelberg. Any photos you send will be returned. Photos cannot be submitted online with the Memory Book questionnaire, but can be attached as a .jpeg file and sent via email (

You might be interested to learn some statistics about our class that the Alumni Relations Office has compiled. We had a graduating class of 174, of whom 27 are now deceased. There were 92 others who were a part of our class for a period of time. Of these, fifteen are now deceased. We intend to remember each of them in the Memory Book. The Alumni Relations Office does not have current information for some of our class members. A list is enclosed. If you can provide any assistance, it would be very much appreciated.

Finally, as our work proceeds, or if we have any questions, we’ll be getting back to you. The class members in charge of preparing the Memory Book are:

Dr. Rudolph M. Susel

Deanna Marks Slater

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