Class of 1989 Committee Letter

December 2008
Happy Holidays Everyone!

We hope this letter finds all of you healthy, happy and celebrating the holidays with good friends and family. Our very best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2009!

Wow 2009! Can you believe we graduated from Heidelberg 20 years ago this May? It seems like just yesterday we arrived in Tiffin for TSD Orientation, guys looking like Miami Vice and girls Desperately Seeking Susan. JAMS, skinny ties, white blazers, big earrings, spiral perms, and mullets for both guys and girls were all part of our every day look.

Compared to today the Berg was old fashioned in the mid-80’s. We typed our papers on typewriters or on the computer using Bergstar. We wrote letters home to our parents and took pictures with cameras that used film. We waited in line on Sunday nights to call home from the hall phone, and you were lucky if your roommate had a boom-box to play cassette tapes. We surely didn’t text each other with the gossip from Robbie’s Dugout; that was saved for Hoernemann the next day.

Today, we’ve all hit 40, own computers, cell phones, digital cameras, ipods, houses, and some of us even have kids getting ready to go off to college. WHAT?! It’s time for our mid-life crisis, right? Time to reflect upon our youth and reconnect with old friends. Many of us have already reunited on facebook and myspace, but wouldn’t it be better to do so in person?

The Alumni Office has asked us to plan our 20th Reunion for this summer at Alumni Weekend, June 19-21. We’ll be inviting not only our ‘89 classmates, but friends in the classes of ‘88 and ‘90. So, SAVE THE DATE! Round up your friends, send the kids to Grandma’s house and come to Tiffin. Where else can you still get a beer for $1.50 and walk everywhere you need to go? You can probably even get a wine cooler, if that’s more your style.

We hope that you will take time to complete the enclosed class reunion questionnaire and return it to the alumni office to let us know what you have been doing since graduation.

Today’s Tiffin even has hotels besides the Riverview and the LK. There’s now a Holiday Inn and a Hampton Inn. Sadly, the Hotel Stahlsworth is no longer in business, but you can still get an AJ’s Heavenly Pizza complete with bible verse.

Why wait until we are old blue hairs to make the trip to Tiffin for the summer? Let’s go to our reunion while we don’t need walkers or oxygen, plus, we want to know which of you still has a mullet!

Have a wonderful holiday season and we’ll see you in June!

Ed Baldzicki (

Grant Cook (

Susie Wreede Hines (

Paula Roediger (