Class of 1969 Committee Letter

Dear Members of the Fantastic Class of 1969,

It’s time for a little note to save the date for our 40th (good grief) Reunion. Not sure how many of you remember me – please don’t look in the yearbook since Rich Ziegler and I couldn’t afford to get our pictures taken – even though I thought my slicked back hairdo looked pretty cool.

Over the years I have visited Tiffin on occasion for Homecomings, golf outings, and alumni weekends. For a long time things didn’t change that much around the Berg. However, if you haven’t been back for a while I think you’ll like what has been going on lately. One of our classmates, Paul Brown, is a trustee. He and the board are working hard to continue the improvements.

Many times life gets in the way of returns to campus. All that fun stuff like a job, growing families, and other life obligations keep us pretty busy. Some of us are retired (YEE HA!) and although that can be “tough” there are others who are still keeping their noses to the grindstone. But at this point in our lives we can take time to re-visit and re-connect with a place where we all have a common bond.

I attended last year’s alumni weekend since I was close to quite a few members of the 1968 Class. Granted we are far superior to that group – but it was nice to see and talk with many of them. I sat at breakfast with several people who I really didn’t know while at school but was fascinated hearing what they have been doing with their lives. I listened to Stan Parrish present a talk on “From the Berg to the Big Time.” Stan coached at several colleges and has a national championship ring from Michigan and a Super Bowl championship ring from Tampa Bay.

We all ran around with different groups and it was a very special time in our lives. Please take a few minutes and complete the Class Reunion Questionnaire and return it to the Alumni Office to let us know how you are doing, My hope is that you can set aside the weekend of June 19 – 21, 2009 and visit the campus for our reunion. Get your friends to come too. The more attending – the stories will get bigger and better – the more fun for all.

I’ve always felt a school is brick and mortar but as Woody Hayes said “you win with people.” There was a lot of quality in our class and in addition to visiting each other it’s a nice time for us to show support for Heidelberg.

Check your schedule, mark the date, start doing crunches and let’s see a great turn out for The Class of 1969.

If you would like to join me and Jack Kramer on the Reunion Committee, please contact me. Hope to hear from you!

Ed Sogan
(330) 653-8230