Alumni Awards

Heidelberg University annually honors alumni who have made significant contributions to their community, their professions or to the life of the institution. The awards are presented at Alumni Weekend or at Homecoming.

Alumni Career Excellence Award

J. Renn Olenn2016 Recipient: J. Renn Olenn, ’66

(Awarded during Commencement or Alumni Weekend)

Awarded to an alumnus/a, who has demonstrated excellence in his/her given profession with significant contributions to his/her field of employment. (Awarded to an alumnus/a, who has celebrated at least his/her fifteen-year class reunion.)

Outstanding Alumni Award

Richard and Sandra (Remieres) Glessner2016 Recipient: Richard and Sandra (Remieres) Glessner, ’55

(formerly the Alumni Citation - Awarded at Alumni Weekend)

Awarded to an alumnus/a in recognition of lifetime accomplishments and contributions to his/her profession, community and society at large. Considered to be the highest alumni award.

Service Award

Pam Faber2016 Recipient: Pam Faber, ’99, ’00 & ’04

(Awarded at Alumni Weekend)

Awarded to an alumnus/a, or friend of Heidelberg who has made important contributions to Heidelberg through years of dedicated service. This service is defined as contributions to the existence, perpetuation, and enhancement of Heidelberg.

Legacy Family Award

Beck-Frey-Steingass Family2016 Recipients: Beck-Frey-Steingass Family

(Awarded at Alumni Weekend)

Awarded to a Legacy Family in recognition of years of faithful and loyal service to Heidelberg. A family that either encompasses two or more generations of Heidelberg alumni or that includes three or more members in one generation among Heidelberg’s alumni is considered to be a legacy.

Young Alumni Achievement Award

Krystal Jones2016 Recipients: Krystal Jones, ’05

(Awarded in the Fall)

Awarded to an alumnus/a, who has demonstrated leadership abilities and achieved distinction in his/her respective field of employment and/or service to humankind. (Awarded to an alumnus/a who has already celebrated his/her five-year class reunion but who has not celebrated more than his/her fifteen-year class reunion.)

Philanthropy Award

(Awarded at Alumni Weekend)

Awarded to an alumnus/a, friend, or family of Heidelberg who has made significant financial contributions to support Heidelberg’s ideas, people and programs.


All alumni (undergraduate, graduate, Lifelong Learning, Arrowhead, etc.) are eligible, including: Heidelberg employees, members of the Board of Trustees, members of the Alumni Council (AC), and previous Alumni Citation winners. (Members of the AC are eligible only if not serving on the Awards Selection Committee.) Non-graduates are eligible for the Service and Philanthropy Awards. Candidate must be present to receive the award.


Nominations may be made by anyone, including Heidelberg alumni, current or retired members of the Heidelberg faculty or staff. Nominations are kept and reviewed annually for three years.

The deadline for nominations to be considered for the following year’s awards is December 31. (For example, nominations for the 2017 year must be received by December 31, 2016.)

Nominate online today or print the form, fill it out, and mail it to:

Office of Alumni Engagement
310 East Market Street
Tiffin, Ohio 44883