Alumni Council

Alumni Council President Kim NewmanThe Alumni Council was approved as an official organization by the Heidelberg Board of Trustees in 2002. The 50 members of the council meet at least two times a year on campus. Alumni interested in serving on the Council should contact the Office of Alumni Relations for further information at

The purpose of the Alumni Council is to express the concerns and interests of alumni to the institution, and to assist Heidelberg in its programs. A more detailed statement of purpose can be found in the Bylaws of the organization. 

The current Alumni Council President is Kim Newman MAE ‘90.


George Bang, '55
Jim Berarducci, '68 Emeritus
Whitney Harkcom Bowers, '06
Chad Breeden, '88
Marcus Conti, ‘84
Louis "Rick" Dorsch, Jr., ‘70 Emeritus
James Elsass, ‘62 Emeritus
Judith Webb Elsass, ‘64 Emerita
Inky Fuller, '62 Secretary
John Wesley Gierhart, ‘97
Betsy Rezash Gorrell, '78 Emeritus
Tod Gorrell, '76 Emeritus
Elrich "Pete" Green, ‘78
Shelley Green, '97
Brian Hadley, ‘88
Sue Halen, '72
Ernest Hammel, ‘62 Emeritus
Martha Hertzer Hammel, ‘63 Emerita
Maria Hejnal, ‘06
Chris Heybruch, '98
J. David Hertzer, ‘61 Emeritus
Peggy Neff Johnson, ‘55
Tracy Kipfstuhl, ‘90
Kate Loar, '12
Chris Lofquist, '05
Mary Long, ‘89
John Metz, ’78 Emeritus
Jason Miller E., '01
Kim Gnepper Newman, ‘90 President
Lou Nosko, '05
Jaimie Orr, ‘81 Emeritus
Donna Fischer Overholt, ‘57 Emeritus
David Perez, ‘92
John Porter, '99
Pamela Quellhorst, ’87 Emerita
Andrew Reese, ‘88 Emeritus
David Sharp, ‘57 Emeritus
Dave Shelton, '91
Sara Creque Thomas, ‘99
Thomas Williams, ‘87
Jan Kirby Wycuff, ‘90
Bob Youngblood, ’70 Emeritus
David Zartman, ‘57 Emeritus