International FAQs

MapWhere is Heidelberg University located?
Heidelberg University is located in Tiffin, Ohio, in the United States of America. Not to be confused with the Universitat Heidelberg in Germany, we are a separate and distinct university. Though we do share some exchange and study abroad programs with the university in Germany. See map to the right for our exact location. 

How do I apply?
Heidelberg University uses one application for all types of students. This application is found at here and requires the applicant to create a login. Admission requirements for undergraduate and graduate students are found at the links below:

Is there an application fee?
No. Heidelberg University does not require an application fee. All applications submitted online are free.


When are the intakes and application deadlines?

  • Fall semester(starting in August). Early action deadline is December 1. Final admission deadline is June 1.
  • Spring semester (starting in January). Admission deadline is November 1. Not available for MBA applicants.
  • Summer semester (starting in May or June). Admission deadline is April 1. Not undergraduate applicants. MBA applicants must apply for this deadline if needing leveling courses.

 Applicants submitting documents after these deadlines may not be admitted but may switch to a later semester.

How much is tuition and the other costs?
International costs and fees are listed specifically at the links below:

Can I apply for any scholarships or financial aid funding?
Federal financial aid is not available to international applicants. We do offer two scholarship opportunities to qualified applicants as listed below. Applications are reviewed for these scholarships once all of the application and admission materials have been received by the Admissions Office. 

  • Ambassador Scholarship - Open only to undergraduate international applicants. Based on a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 or above. Awards a minimum of $12,000 per year. 
  • Scholar's Day Awards - students with grade point averages of 3.5 or above, and who have exceptional English language skills may qualify for competing in our Scholar's Day for higher scholarship awards. Must submit ALL admission requirements by December 1. 
  • MBA Scholarship - Open to applicants for the Master of Business Administration program only. Based on a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 of above. Awards up to $6,000 for the whole MBA program. 
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      When does Heidelberg notify students if they have been awarded a scholarship?
    Candidates are notified of their scholarhip recipience in their letter of acceptance after all required admission documents have been received by Heidelberg. 

What academic proof is required?
Heidelberg does not require the ACT, SAT, GMAT, or GRE results for international applicants. Instead, we require that transcripts be sent to a NACES approved agency for a transcript evaluation. That evaluation must then be sent directly to Heidelberg from the NACES agency according to the following policies:

  • Undergraduate International Applicants: 

    Heidelberg requires that international undergraduate applicants provide proof of secondary school completion to be enrolled at the university as first year students. We reserve the right to accept or reject transcripts and to ask for additional information if deemed necessary. 

    Heidelberg acknowledges a NACES approved agency's evaluation as an automatically authenticated transcript submission. Some international undergraduate applicants may be required to have their transcripts processed through a NACES agency. 

    For NACES evaluations, you will request a "document-by-document" evaluation for secondary school work and a "course-by-course" evaluation for higher education coursework.. Instruct the NACES agency of choice to send the transcript evaluation to Heidelberg University. You will not need to send another transcript directly to Heidelberg.

  • Graduate International Applicants: 

    Heidelberg requires that international graduate applicants provide proof of undergraduate studies completion to be enrolled at the university in a Master program. Heidelberg acknowledges a NACES approved agency's evaluation as an automatically authenticated transcript submission.

    Other forms of transcript submission may apply on a case-by-case basis. For these situations, Heidelberg reserves the right to accept or reject transcripts at its own discretion and reserves the right to ask for additional information if deemed necessary. 

    For NACES evaluations, you will request a "course-by-course" evaluation for undergraduate school work. Instruct the NACES agency of choice to send the transcript evaluation to Heidelberg University. You will not need to send another transcript directly to Heidelberg.

Can I receive Heidelberg University credit for my AP or IB courses?
Yes. Heidelberg recognizes these courses. Information on AP credit can be found here. Applicants who have completed the IB Diploma begin classes at Heidelberg with a second year (Sophomore) standing. 

What must I do to prove my English proficiency?
If English is not your primary language, to enroll in full academic courses, a minimum score of one of the following is required:

  • TOEFL: 79 (iBT); 550 (paper-based); Institutional Code: 1292
  • IELTS: 6.5
  • ELS: 112

Students exempt from English profiency proof must be from the following countries:

Anguilla British Virgin Islands Gibraltar Jamaica St. Lucia
Antigua & Barbuda Canada (except Quebec) Grenada Jersey St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Australia Cayman Islands Guernsey Liberia Trinidad & Tobago
Bahamas Dominica Guyana Montserrat Turks & Caicos Islands
Barbados Falkland Islands Ireland New Zealand United Kingdom
Belize Ghana Isle of Man St. Kitts & Nevis United States Territories

Any other exception to the rules for the language requirements may occur in specific and circumstantial cases that prove the international student’s English proficiency in other ways.

Any request to be exempt from the language requirements must be submitted in writing to International Admissions at, with supporting documentation. Heidelberg University reserves the right to approve the adequacy of the exemption request.

What if my English language score is not high enough?
If your English proficiency does not meet the minimum requirements, you can still be admitted, but you may have to take ESL courses through the Heidelberg English Language Institute (HELI)

If you are admitted 100% in HELI courses (only ESL courses), you will be admitted as a non-degree student. You will be admitted to your major once you are no longer 100% a HELI student.

Must I take the ACT, SAT, GRE or GMAT?
No. Heidelberg does not require international students to submit any of these test scores. However, if you have these documents, we will accept them.

Must I submit all of my documents at the same time?
You may submit the documents all together or in stages as they become ready. If you choose to send them separately, be certain that your complete name appears consistently on all of the documents and communications so that we can match them to your file and process them as quickly as possible. We notify you by email when your file is complete and when an admission decision has been made.

How do I send admission documents to Heidelberg?

Transcripts must come directly to us officially from an approved agency. Please choose a NACES agency to submit your transcripts to, then request to have the evaluation sent directly to Heidelberg by mail or courier or the agency's electronic system. These cannot be accepted as official from the student.

English test scores or proof of English proficiency, copy of passport and proof of financial support may be sent by mail or courier or by a legible fax. 

All program requirements (goal statements, recommendations, etc.) may be sent by mail or courier, by email or by a legible fax. 

If you decide to send your documents by email, it is at your own discretion.

Where should I send my documents?
Use the following address  for international first-class post or courier:

Melissa Nye, Coordinator
International and Graduate Admissions
Heidelberg University
310 E. Market St.
Tiffin, OH  44883

Skype: HU_international
Phone: (cc: 1) 419-448-2602
Fax: (cc: 1) 419-448-2565

When will I hear about admission?
A candidate may expect to receive notification regarding admission within two to three weeks of having submitted ALL required application materials.

What options are available to me for living on campus?
About 85 percent of students live in campus–owned housing, which includes six traditional residence halls, senior apartments and an average of 10 Cooperative Learning Communities (CLC). CLCs are themed houses that provide you with the opportunity to develop initiatives and programs that you feel will benefit the Heidelberg and/or Tiffin communities. If you live within a 50-mile radius of Heidelberg University, you have the option of commuting.

Graduate students are allowed to apply for on campus housing, but it is only available on a first-come, first-served basis, and if there is room on campus. On campus housing is not guaranteed to graduate students. Some help for finding off campus housing may be offered by contacting Melissa Nye, or the International Affairs and Studies Office. Please note that off campus housing is usually unfurnished.

Please note that we do NOT offer campus housing for families or married couples at this time. 

Can I work or find employment while studying at Heidelberg with my F-1 visa?
F-1 students may not work off-campus during the first academic year, but may accept on-campus employment subject to certain conditions and restrictions. There are various programs available for F-1 students to seek off-campus employment after the first academic year. F-1 students may engage in three types of off-campus employment after they have been studying for one academic year. These three types of employment are:

  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT) (pre-completion or post-completion)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Optional Practical Training Extension (OPT)

 Additional information is available on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website

Can I study abroad while enrolled at Heidelberg?
Yes! Heidelberg has many study abroad opportunities for all students wishing to study abroad for a semester, a year or the summer. These include study in Oxford, England; Heidelberg, Germany; and Seville, Spain.