Graduate Studies Quick Reference

Process of Becoming a Student in Heidelberg University’s Graduate Studies Programs

  1. Apply for Graduate Studies Online. (If you have previously applied and are wanting to reactivate your admission, please fill out a Graduate Readmission Application.)
  2. Submit admission documents (see specific program admission requirements) and international admission documents (if applicable).
  3. Register online for classes via OASIS2 once acceptance letter is received.
  4. Activate Net ID/Heidelberg Email address via OASIS2.
  5. Register vehicle via OASIS2. Pick up parking pass in Business Office or contact the Graduate Admission Office to make other arrangements.
  6. Notified to pick up Student ID card in the Graduate Admission Office.
  7. Call the library to register to use online library resources.
  8. Purchase textbooks via Campus Bookstore.
  9. Attend classes!
  10. Notify the Registrar's Office of any name changes and your program director/academic advisor of any attendance decisions.


*Students who have at least a Bachelor’s degree may also take courses as a Non-Degree, Coursework Only student.


Main campus in Tiffin, Ohio: MAC program, MAE program, MME program. Possibly MBA program offering in the future.

Arrowhead Park campus in Maumee, Ohio: MBA program, MAC course offerings, MAE Cohort if offered.

Note: MAC students are only allowed to take up to 24 semester hours at the Maumee campus if offered.

Full Time Status:

9 hours per semester (Roughly 3 classes per semester). Financial Aid is available to students taking at least 5 semester hours. Students may register for up to 12 hours in one semester.

Graduate Semesters:

MAC and MAE - full semester courses and 8-week courses (in which the semester is split into two 8-week sessions).

MBA and Maumee graduate courses - ALL 8-week courses.

MME - mostly summer accelerated courses, completed within four weeks; course offerings and MAE electives in fall and spring.

Degree Completion:

MAC - at least 2-3 years including summers at full time status; may take longer due to courses required for licensure or if pursuing dual licensure.

MAE - at least 2 years including summers at full time status.

MBA - 2 years, one evening per week.

MME - at least 3 summers.

*All programs must be completed with in 6 years.

2013-2014 Tuition and Fees:

Tuition - MAC, MAE, MME $464 per semester hour
Tuition - MAE Workshops $464 per course
Tuition - MAE Cohorts $347 per semester hour
Tuition - MBA Domestic $623 per semester hour
Tuition - MBA International $735 per semester hour
Graduation Fee $105.00
MAC Practicum/Internship Fee $25.00 per semester hour
MAC Lab Fees/Testing Materials $25.00
MAE Practicum Fee $25.00 per semester hour
MAE Practicum Report Printing Fee $25.00
MAE Workshop Unauthorized Drop Fee 50% of course tuition
MBA Ivy Software Pre-requisite Courses $90 per course
MBA Ivy Software Fee (subject to change) $60 per course

Academic Policy:

The grading system for graduate courses is as follows:

A = 4, B = 3, 2 = C, F = 0, W = Withdrawal, AU = Audit

To be in good academic standing, graduate students must maintain at least a 3.0 average during each term or semester, not have received any grades of F (including a WF), and not have received more than one unattended C. Students may be dismissed from the program if they have received two unattended C’s, a grade of F, or did not meet conditions for remaining in the program. Students have a right to appeal their dismissal. See the Graduate Course Catalog for specific policy information.

Additional Information:


Request Information

Graduate Admissions
310 E. Market St.
Tiffin, OH 44883
Phone: 1-800-434-3352 or 419-448-2602
Fax: 419-448-2821

Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Graduate Directors and Staff:

MAC – Dr. Jo-Ann Lipford Sanders
MAE – Dr. Robert Swanson
MBA – Allen Underwood
MME – Dr. John Owen
Admission Information and Questions - Dr. Cinzia Cross and Melissa Nye