Graduate Admission Deadlines

Graduate Studies at Heidelberg accepts applications on a rolling basis, up until the start of classes. However, it is encouraged that applicants submit all required documents by the following admission deadlines to ensure students are able to register for preferred and necessary classes, and so that students are fully prepared to begin classes. Please be sure to review the academic calendar and the tuition refund policy

Summer 2014

Graduate International* (MAC,MAE, MME) April 1, 2014
MAC Graduate Domestic  May 2, 2014
MAE and MME** Graduate Domestic  May 23, 2014
MAE Reading or TESOL Endorsement April 24, 2014


Fall 2014

Graduate International* (MAC,MAE, MBA) June 1, 2014
Graduate Domestic (MAC, MAE, MBA) August 8, 2014
MAE Reading or TESOL Endorsement August 8, 2014

* International students must have at least applied and submitted official NACES approved transcript information and all program admission requirements by the admission deadline. The MBA program is not accepting international applicants for the Spring semester and not accepting any applications for the Summer semester. 

** The MME program is a summer only degree program.

MAC Applicants: Transcripts, the online orientation (for spring and summer applicants), and any international documents are due by the dates above. All other admission documents MUST be submitted as soon as possible after conditional acceptance, prior to your admission interview (TBD).