Pre-Veterinary Medicine

If you are interested in being a vet, our pre-vet options are right for you!

Veterinarians (D.V.M.) are doctors and scientists who are trained in the health care of animals and prevention and treatment of animal diseases. These professionals work closely with people in this endeavor whether it be pet owners, ranchers or farmers. Veterinarians also play significant roles in the conservation of livestock, promotion of public health (both animal and human) and in the advancement of medical knowledge through research. Four years of veterinary school are required to become Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Most Veterinary schools require either the Veterinary College Admissions Test (VCAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Minimum Required Courses


  • BIO 123 Biology I
  • BIO 223 Genetics


  • CHM 111-112 General Chemistry
  • CHM 201-202 Organic Chemistry
  • CHM 415 Biochemistry


  • PHY 101-102 General Physics


  • 2 semesters


  • 2 semesters

Special Considerations

  • Additional Important Courses
    • BIO 325 Microbiology
    • BIO 363-364 Anatomy and Physiology
    • BIO 365 Cat Dissection and Anatomy
    • BIO 415 Animal Behavior
  • Shadowing and/or internship experience **Absolute Requirement**
  • Volunteer work

Admissions Test


Apply through application agency (see link above)

What schools look for:

  • the interview
  • grades
  • 50 hours work with Veterinarian (paid or volunteer) **Required**
  • recommendations
  • personal statement
  • difficulty of undergraduate course work
  • communication/interpersonal skills
  • comprehensiveness of veterinary work experience
  • community involvement

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