Internship Site Interview Questions

  1. What is the philosophy of the current counselors?
  2. How are clients provided? (referrals, walk-ins, etc.)
  3. What would my responsibilities be?
  4. Will I be facilitating or co-facilitating groups?
  5. What are the possibilities of this turning into a paid position?
  6. What types of meetings will I be attending? Any staff meetings?
  7. Can you explain your policy on confidentiality?
  8. Will I have more than one supervisor?
  9. Previous interns? Yes-No-guinea pig?
  10. Appropriate attire?
  11. How much supervision will be available?
  12. Where is my working space?
  13. Where will I see clients?
  14. How much client contact will I get?
  15. Will I be accepted as a member of the staff, will I be able to get administrative support?
  16. Is there any professional development or training? Will conferences be available?
  17. Will I be able to shadow supervisor in the beginning? When will it be appropriate?
  18. Tell me about your last intern, how did it go? Can I give them a call?