School Counseling Concentration

The School Counseling concentration is designed to meet the academic and field experience requirements for those students who are seeking licensure as a Professional School Counselor (PSC) in the state of Ohio. The major purpose of the Heidelberg University School Counselor Licensure is to develop, in students, the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to provide appropriate counseling services within the school setting. To qualify for licensure as a Professional School Counselor with the Ohio Department of Education, candidates must have completed at least 48 semester hours of coursework, including 100 hours of Practicum field experience and 600 hours of Internship field experience and must successfully pass the Praxis II exam.

A school counselor in the State of Ohio must have been graduated from an approved program of preparation and have been recommended by the head of teacher education. This individual must have completed an examination prescribed by the State Board of Education and evidenced the education and experience requirements which include:

A Master’s degree and 1) two years of successful teaching experience under a provisional or professional teacher license; OR (2) three years experience as a licensed school counselor in another state, OR (3) successful completion of a school counselor induction year.


Non-Degree School Counselor Licensure Endorsement Program (SCLE)

Any applicant, who already holds a Master’s degree in counseling and is seeking school counseling licensure as a non-degree student, may apply for admission to the School Counseling Licensure Endorsement (SCLE) Program. The School Counseling Coordinator will review the student’s application and make a determination related to their Endorsement Plan of Study. These students will finish their coursework for the endorsement program as non-degree seeking students. Upon finishing their courses and passing the Praxis examination, they will be recommended to the Ohio Department of Education for licensure as a school counselor. Requirements for admission into this program and additional information can be found in the MAC Student Handbook.