Dual Clinical/School Licensure Concentration

The Dual Community/School Licensure concentration is designed to provide students with the necessary academic and field experiences to qualify for licensure both with the Ohio Department of Education as a Professional School Counselor and with the Ohio Counselor and Social Worker Board as a Professional Counselor. See the School Counseling Concentration section above for specific requirements for school counseling licensure.

Each of these programs is designed to develop in students the knowledge and skills needed effectively and professionally to provide counseling services to clients within a variety of settings. Skills in interpersonal helping, interaction, communication, and sensitivity acquired in the program are applicable to a variety of professions including education, community social services, business and industry, government, and the ministry.

Candidates seeking a dual licensure concentration must satisfy coursework requirements in both concentration areas including two separate 100 hour Practicum field experience and one 600 hour Internship field experiences in both school and community counseling settings.