Martha & Ernest Hammel Student Research Fund

Statement of Purpose

The fund is established for the purpose of stimulating and advancing an atmosphere of inquiry at Heidelberg University. The Fund is intended to provide Heidelberg students with seed money grants to conduct research in sciences and the arts and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge. In designing, conducting, and presenting these studies the students are expected to learn and apply the methods of systematic inquiry and to use this knowledge and experience to enhance future endeavors.

Eligible Students

Enrolled undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing may apply for the awards.

Application Process

  1. Eligible students may apply for funds to assist them in their research projects three times each year; October 1, February 1, and April 1. Students may apply for the award retrospectively. However, this does not guarantee or increase the chances that the student will receive the requested funds.
  2. The selection committee currently designed to award funds for what has been called the Pepsi Fund will also review applications for the Hammel Student Research Fund. The faculty members will represent the disciplines from which proposals have been submitted. Faculty sponsors of the research project will not be eligible to serve on the selection committee.
  3. Students will submit a Hammel Student Research Fund application and a letter of support from their faculty supervisor for the research project.
  4. Following the review of applications an award letter will be sent to each student. The letter will describe the reporting requirements necessary for receiving the funds.
  5. Application Form