AIM Hei Program

students sitting in CommonsAdvise, Inspire, Mentor

In college you will make new friends, experience new things, and have a ton of fun. You will also work very very hard. Students arrive at Heidelberg with different backgrounds, skill sets, and experience. We created the three semester AIM Hei program to smooth the transition process, no matter what your academic pace or needs.

New students are paired with an AIM Hei mentor to Advise, Inspire, and Mentor them. Have a question? Need advice? Brainstormed a bright idea? Can’t remember where to pick up packages? Your mentor is a great resource to help you adjust to college life.

University Responsibility Goals

The AIM Hei First Year Mentoring program encourages students to take responsibility for their academic, personal, and professional development by promoting an understanding of the University’s Responsibility Goals:

  • Value and pursue academic excellence and intellectual growth.
  • Develop personal and professional responsibility.
  • Act with integrity in all aspects of one’s life.
  • Become engaged through participation and service in one’s communities and the ability to incorporate that understanding into goal setting and planning in their academic, professional and personal lives.

What You'll Gain

  • An understanding of a liberal arts education and how Heidelberg’s general education program and majors relate to it.
  • The importance of co and extra-curricular activities.
  • The ability to set academic, professional and personal goals and to make plans to fulfill them.
  • The ability to use reflection as the basis for modifying goals and plans related to their academic, professional and personal lives.
  • An awareness of support and planning resources at Heidelberg University related to academic, professional and personal issues.
  • An understanding of and progress toward degree requirements, along with the course registration process at Heidelberg University.

What AIM HEI Mentors Do For You

  • Make themselves available to students as needed.
  • Advocate for students as needs arise (e.g., making appropriate referrals in the event of illness, academic or financial support issues).
  • Help students fulfill the learning outcomes for the program and for the individual AIM Hei courses.

The ultimate responsibility for academic success rests with the student.

What You'll Do

  • Meet weekly with your AIM Hei group.
  • Create an educational plan with the help of your advising specialist.
  • Take advantage of resources available such as the student handbook, academic calendar, schedule of classes, and the university catalog when selecting or planning your program of study.
  • Be responsible for completing requirements for your degree.
  • Become an active participant in the mentoring system.
  • Comply with the University published academic policies, regulations, and deadlines.