Nathan Cutietta Nathan Cutietta
B.S., University of Southern California
Director of the Media Communication Center

Nathan Cutietta a native of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania fell in love with filmmaking as a child after watching Vladimir Shevchenko’s documentary Chernobyl: A Chronicle of Difficult Weeks. At 13 Nathan started a television apprentice under video producer Dan Maglione. Nathan...

Conrad (CC) Hufford Conrad (CC) Hufford
Senior Sales Consultant - WTTF
Robyn White Robyn White
Media Producer and Coordinator
Name Title(s) Phone Number
Rudi Feasel Sales, Account Manager - WTTF (419)-332-8218
Zach Rohtert Part-time production - WTTF (419)-447-9883
John Spahr
Instructor of Theatre
Technical Director of Theatre
Operations Manager/Program Director WTTF