Honors Program Academic Requirements

Honors seminar"Life of the Mind"

The Heidelberg University faculty believes in challenging students to reach their full potential. "Life of the Mind" is a comprehensive approach toward empowering students to explore their abilities within a supportive community of scholars and learners. The program is comprised of four intellectual areas: the Scholar, the Scientist, the Artist, and the Citizen. Completion of the Honors Program will include:

  • Attainment of a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or higher
  • Completion of a departmental or interdisciplinary major
  • Completion of HNR 111, Introduction to Life of the Mind
  • Completion of four seminars representing the Scholar, the Artist, the Scientist, and the Citizen (HNR 103, 203, 303, 403)
  • Completion of HNR 307, Service Learning Seminar with 40 hours of community service, or NDI 345
  • Completion of HNR 455, Senior Honors Project
  • “You are in classes with people who are like you, but not like you. I’ve enjoyed connecting with people I might not have had the chance to.” Cole Hetman ‘16
  • Completion of Portfolio
  • Completion of 2 credit hours in Personal Health and Wellness listed within the General Education Requirement section
  • Completion of a Junior Level Discipline-Specific Communication course and Senior Capstone Experience in a major
  • Completion of 10 support courses, with at least two from each of the four disiplines (natural sciences, humanities, arts, social sciences)

Girls in honors houseService Learning

Community service leaves an enriching life-long effect on students and the community they serve. Honors students take part in 40 hours of service learning with a site and activity of their choosing. The service project is completed while the student is enrolled in HNR 307 Service Learning. The philosophy of the Honors Program is that genuine Service Learning is not simply doing “good.” Rather that through serving others in the community that one learns what “good” truly is.

Senior Research Project

During their senior year, honors students will develop a senior research project with a faculty mentor. Students select a project within their field that gives them a chance to show creativity and dig deeper into the subject. The project includes a written portion and a public presentation.