Heidelberg English Language Institute (HELI)

Two International Students

Heidelberg requires international students to be competent in the English language to be accepted in full academic programs.

What is HELI?

The Heidelberg English Language Institute (HELI) offers English language training combined with cultural orientation to students whose native language is not English. Enrollment for the HELI is available at the beginning of each semester and prior to summer sessions when available.

How HELI Works

For all new international students whose native language is not English, and who do not submit either TOEFL, IELTS or ELS required scores (see English language proficiency requirements) an Institute approved placement test is given upon arrival on campus, as well as an evaluation of written and speaking skills. Based on the results of English testing, students will be placed in one of three levels best suited to their language skills:

  1. All English language training (HELI)
  2. Transition (part HELI with some non-HELI courses)
  3. Full-time academic program (no HELI courses)

Courses are sequenced according to skill levels of English, with low - intermediate, intermediate, high-intermediate, and advanced levels. All HELI classes are on the regular academic schedule, meeting 12-15 hours each week.

Students may earn a total of 12 hours of academic credit for advanced HELI courses, which may be applied toward a degree at Heidelberg University.

Other educational opportunities

  • Field trips to area sites
  • Conversation Partner program
  • World Student Union
  • Host families