Graduate Education Courses

Explore Human Experience through Archaeology for Educator's K-12 - EDU 533

Humanity, and all it entails, expresses itself through the material culture (objects) it produces. Participants in this three semester hour week-long Receiving Instructions exploration will learn how archaeology unlocks the diversity of past human experiences, and how this can be shared with primary and secondary classes. Participants will discover ways to integrate archaeology into their existing curricula of social science, history, science, math, art, and communication. Educators will be exposed to sample activities to be used in the classroom as well as receiving first-hand experience in the discovery process, excavating at the Johnson's Island Prisoner of War Depot. This class is designed for elementary and secondary educators. (Enrollment limited to 12)

Connecting to the Past-Investigating a Civil War Prison - EDU 534

Within the Center for Historic and Military Archaeology (CHMA) this week-long summer course in Civil War Archaeology is offered at the historic Johnson's Island Prisoner of War Depot site. This course will immerse the participant in the inquiries and investigations conducted at this National Historical Landmark site. Participants will experience how history comes alive through the scientific processes of excavation and analysis as well as exploration of diaries and letters of those imprisoned at Johnson’s Island. This course is designed for the serious adult student of archaeology (avocation) and primary and secondary teachers. This class can be taken for up to three semester credit hours, for continuing education units (CEUs), or as a non-credit experience. Fees vary accordingly. (Enrollment limited to 12)

Registration Information

Students register through the University's Oasis 2 system. For more information, contact Krista Kantner 419-448-2288 (Administrative Assistant to the Center for Historic & Military Archaeology)