Degree to be earned: 
Major Academic Plan: 
Philosophy 16-17

Learn How to Think Better

Philosophy will give you critical thinking, argumentation, and writing skills to advance in whatever career field you choose.  The skills associated with the study of philosophy to be able to discuss and analyze difficult problems are highly valued by employers in any field. Jumpstart your graduate career or compliment another major with a degree that says "I know how to think."

Major Courses

30 semester hours including

  • PHI 140 - Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHI 202 - Logic or PHI 380 - Symbolic Logic
  • PHI 216 - Ethics
  • “I like philosophy because helps develop creative thinking, has applications to my other classes, and teaches me to think differently. Critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities, and knowing how to think for yourself are all important to employers.”   Greg Marsano '16
  • PHI 309 - History of Western Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval
  • PHI 310 - History of Western Philosophy: Modern 
  • PHI 490 - Philosophy Colloquium (Senior Capstone)
  • 4 more Philosophy courses at the 200 level or above.