Alumni Profiles

Jay Cross '09Jay Cross ‘09

Jay Cross is a Company Commander for a 187 Soldier company. Previously, as a Medical Platoon Leader, he responsible for the medical planning and evacuation for a 3500 Soldier Battalion. Deployed to Iraq three times, he coordinated medical support for over 25 Combat Missions and provided medical logistical support for an area the size of South Carolina. He attributes his succes to his prepartion at Heidelberg.

Relationships: "My favorite thing was the relationship I had with the professors. They were all extremely knowledgeable and eager to teach. I got something different from each professor and they not only taught book knowledge, but they helped teach professionalism."

Internships: "I enjoyed the opportunity to intern at CROSSWEAH detention center. I was able to help influence the behavior of 40 different inmates and help teach them anger management and social skills."

"I work with Soldiers who are having issues with family, money, Post-traumatic stress disorder, and a multitude of other problems. I am also a certified suicide intervention specialist to help Soldiers who are considering ending their lives. Psychology prepared me to talk to these Soldiers and help them work through their issues. My professors, along with my internship, prepared me to determine how to deal with each of these Soldiers."

Promoted to Captain in the fall of 2012, Jay was also accepted into an Army Masters of Social Work Program and plans on starting next year.

Megan Morris '09Megan Morris '09

Megan is a current Ph.D. student in Industrial Organizational Psychology and Human Factors at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Though she started out in accounting, interest in her psychology classes changed her focus. “I was curious as to what makes people think and act the way they do.”  She attribute her succes to the rigors of Heidelberg's program.

Research: “I absolutely love that within our Psychology Methods courses we actually designed our own experiments as a class and within individual groups. This allowed me to gain beneficial experience that has helped me in my graduate program. I even implemented the group experiment project idea when I was given the opportunity to revamp the lab for the Experimental Methods in Psychology course this past summer at Wright State University.”

Preparation: "My experience in the psychology department helped me gain crucial skills in regard to experimental and correlational study designs, statistical analysis, writing, and critical thinking. In addition, I was able to gain confidence in myself as a researcher and a sense of autonomy while working on my group experimental project and psychology honors project."