Outside the Classroom

Student in classYoung Democrats and Young Republicans

Both organizations seek to promote education about important political topics and disseminate information about their party’s position on these issues. Activities of these organizations have included attendance at political rallies and fund-raisers, dissemination of campaign literature and participation in get-out-the-vote campaigns. In addition, members have worked at precincts on voting day, held campus debates and forums, sponsored speakers and submitted editorials to the campus newspaper.

Pre-Law Club

The Pre-Law Club meets regularly to provide students the opportunity to learn about law schools, legal careers and the judicial system. The Club also seeks to prepare its members to make the transition from Heidelberg to law school. Sponsored activities will include guest speakers, trips to law schools and a mock trial. Membership is open to any interested students.


You'll work closely with faculty to complete independent research projects. Students regularly present their research at Heidelberg’s annual student research conference, Walsh University’s annual political science conference, and at the Ohio Economics and Political Science Association Annual Meetings. Students have presented with their faculty advisor at the International Studies Association Midwest Conference in St. Louis, MO, a major professional conference, as well as submitted and published in an undergraduate research journal. Some titles of projects are:

  • Constantinople -- A Highlight
  • Islamic Contributions in the Field of Mathematics
  • The Evolution of an Alliance
  • Can’t Stop Them: An Examination of U.S. Foreign Policy on Drugs
  • A Changing Landscape: A Crossroad for Afghanistan
  • Sudan: A State Divided
  • Honduras: Between Constitutional Battle and Military Coup