Career Opportunities

Music majors pursue a wide variety of career options including performers, teachers, composers, artist managers, work with nonprofit organizations, work in entertainment and copyright law, and work in music production. However, our students have not limited themselves to only music fields. 

A music major develops creativity, discipline and organization, the ability to work with others, and excellent communication skills. This allows students to enter a variety of business settings. They make ideal managers and salespersons, and are adept entrepreneurs. Music majors enjoy one of the highest acceptance rates in medical schools, and many go on to lives as physicians, dentists, or scientists. In addition to a diversity of careers, music majors and double-majors enjoy a lifelong love of music, and pursue music as an avocation.

No matter what field they chose, a life filled with music is a great one. 

girl on stageSuccessful Graduates

Countless numbers of Heidelberg music majors have gone on to successful careers. Our alums have held the titles:

  • High school teacher
  • Director of Liturgy
  • Professor of Music Education
  • Opera performer and solo recitalist
  • Professor, Composition/Theory 
  • Professor of Piano
  • Director of Choral Activities
  • Cathedral Music director and organist
  • Film composer
  • Singer
  • Composer-in-residence
  • Vocal Coach
  • Music Professor
  • Music therapist
  • Director of Music Ministry
  • Orchestra Administrator
  • Professional recitalist