Alumni Profiles

nathanNathan Resendez '03

Following graduation, Nathan entered the Air Force Officer Training Program. He graduated with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant with the specialty code analytical scientist. He was first stationed in Texas as a laser safety officer teaching laser safety courses, characterizing operational Air Force lasers and certifying Air Force laser ranges, all over the US and the world. With his solid Heidelberg education, he was able to jumpstart his career.

"As a scientist in the Air Force, if you have a solid understanding of the sciences you can hit the ground running and contribute to wherever you are assigned. I used my knowledge of math and physics to contribute to the Air Force laser safety community."

In 2008 Nathan was promoted to the rank of Captain and stationed at Wright Patterson Airforce Base in Ohio. He worked as a flight commander for the Foreign Materiel Exploitation Flight in the National Air and Space Center (NASIC). As a commander he was leading over 50 military and civilian employees.

"You will not always be working on the bench in the lab. In order to be a successful supervisor, you must have a solid knowledge of science and math in order to help the people you supervise perform their jobs successfully. Heidelberg provided me with that knowledge and that has helped me become successful in my career as an Air Force scientist and officer."

In March 2013 Nathan completed his Masters Of Science in Operations Research (a type of applied math) with an emphasis in Deterministic Operations Research, Information Operations and Operational Modeling. In April he is headed to the Pentagon to work in Personnel at Air Force Headquarters.

Chris FettersChris Fetters '94

After graduating with a double major in Physics and Mathematics, Chris headed into the technology field. Over the next 18 years he worked for Endfore, Nationwide Insurance, My Triggers, Fruit of the Looom, and Press Ganey before landing his current position at Correct Care in Nashville, TN.

Chris is a Software Quality Assurance Manager. As head of his team, he works to ensure that the electronic medical record system provides doctors and nurses a high quality tool allowing them to provide quality health care to their patients. He credits his education at Heidelberg in helping him get to this point in his career.

"One of the most valuable attributes I received with a degree in Physics was not knowing that E=mc2 or what Newton’s three laws of motion were, but critical thinking and problem solving skills."

These skills help Chris accomplish activities such as understanding complex software systems, identifying critical defects in software, designing automation frameworks, and developing quality assurance process and procedures.

"Heidelberg's physics professors do their best to bring physics to life. My physics major has greatly enchanced my career."