Study Abroad Opportunities

MattAmerican Junior Year

Heidelberg German majors spend their junior year in Heidelberg, Germany with our American Junior Year Program at the prestigious Heidelberg University. This total immersion experience is the most effective way to become fluent in the language and to feel truly "at home" in the host culture. While abroad, students live the cultural experiences that others only read about, at a cost that is comparable to spending the year on Heidelberg’s home campus in Ohio. This study abroad experience is the cornerstone of the Berg German major.

"My summer in Germany was the experience of a lifetime."       Matt Stevens

American Junior Year


Summer in Germany 


Heidelberg also offers shorter study abroad options. The Heidelberg@Heidelberg program offers students a chance to study in Germany for 6 weeks in the Summer Program. Students can be at any level of German proficiency and will be in classes according to their skill level. 

Summer Program


  • Your fiancial aid travels with you
  • Stay with a German family
  • Taught by the University of Heidelberg Germany faculty
  • Gain 9 credit hours
  • Scholarships available
  • Study trip to Berlin
  • German rail pass

Students gain 6 credit hours in langauge courses and 3 for a German/European Studies course. All classes have an experientail focus and include day trips. Students have the opportunity to attend concerts, art exhibitions, and sporting events.

Students live with host families and enjoy a number of cultural excursions, including a four-day trip to Berlin. Stay with German families, take trips to the surrounding countries, be taught by the University of Heidelberg professors and explore Germany!