German at Heidelberg

german classroomThe Heidelberg Advantage

Small classes allow maximum interaction. A native speaking language assistant who shares views from their cultural perspective and provide students an opportunity to utilize their foreign language skills in and out of the classroom. The faculty is accessible to students at a level not seen at larger schools, and they constantly are searching for new and innovative books and methods to enhance learning and engage students.

Note: It's possible to start German at Heidelberg University and complete enough credits to develop a major and reach a sufficient language proficiency to spend the junior year abroad. Courses are offered at all levels for majors, minors and non-majors. We encourage all of our students to study in Heidelberg, Germany.

Travel the World

More than 200 million Europeans understand German. It is spoken in Austria, parts of Africa, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, northern Italy, and eastern France.  Learn more about America's relationship with Germany. 

Double Major Options

Many German majors choose to double major in fields such as Anthropology, Archeology, Biology, International Studies, History, Philosophy, Business, Political Science, Psychology, Computer Science or Religion.