Languages Faculty and Staff

Isa-Marie Brandt Isa-Marie Brandt
Teaching Assistant - German

Currently working on Master thesis for M.A. of Education at Kiel University Germany

Isa-Marie Brandt is the teaching assistant for the German department at Heidelberg University. She is a representative from the Amity program, Berkeley California and the Institute of International...

Irene Frisch Irene Frisch
Administrative Assistant for Division of Arts and Humanities
Hanne Heckmann Hanne Heckmann
Resident Director, The American Junior Year at University of Heidelberg
Director, Heidelberg at Heidelberg Summer Program in Heidelberg, Germany
011-49-6221 23874
Cynthia Lepeley Cynthia Lepeley
A.B., M.A., Ph.D.
Professor of Spanish
Cynthia Lepeley has a Ph.D. in Spanish and a Ph.D. in sociology, both from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In addition to teaching all levels of the Spanish curriculum at Heidelberg, Dr. Lepeley also teaches a course in Service Learning on the U.S/Mexico Border every year in...
Jennifer Liu Jennifer Liu
Visiting Chinese Professor

 Visiting scholar from Tianjin Normal University. Jennifer will teach two sections of Chinese culture on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Christine Maiberger Christine Maiberger
M.Ed., B.A.,
Instructor of German

Christine Maiberger has been the German Instructor at the ‘Berg for over 10 years. Prior to her Heidelberg employment she taught German at Calvert Catholic Schools for all levels for six years, and one year at Tiffin University. Christine also was the Intervention teacher for Tiffin City...

Ellen Nagy Ellen Nagy
B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Advising and Assessment
Assistant professor of German

Dr. Ellen Nagy serves as the director of Faculty Student Advising and the University Assessment coordinator. In this capacity she oversees the faculty student mentoring program, AIM Hei, and coordinates all assessment activity for the university. 

Dr. Nagy earned her bachelor’s...

Jing Sun Jing Sun
Visiting Chinese Professor

Visiting scholar from Tianjin Normal University. Sun will teach Chinese language and culture on MWF.
Name Title(s) Phone Number
H. Robert Berg
University Archivist
Professor Emeritus of German
Adjunct Faculty
Shelley Hampp Instructor of French (419)-448-2304
Florian Kastner Teaching Assistant - German
Adam Lengiewicz Administrative Coordinator - AJY
Zhizhong Zhang Chinese Professor
Jiangang Zhi Chinese Professor