International Studies

Student travel group in Turkey

The world is shrinking! Metaphorically anyway. Regional and global economies, global communications links, and the movement of peoples and cultures are redefining previous notions of citizenship, community and nation. The international studies major will help you cope and thrive in this reshaped globe. 

ITS can also serve to deepen and globalize other majors, such as political science, business and history. It helps you develop the knowledge and skills needed in an increasingly interdependent world in which knowledge of other peoples and cultures is vital.

Travel the World

Study abroad is an integral part of the ITS major. Our alumni report that learning to live and even thrive in other countries and cultures is the highlight of their college experience. You could study in places like England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Mexico, Ghana, and China. Students are also encouraged to study in the nation's capital in our Washington Semester Program.

Work in the World

ITS students may also take part in internationally oriented internships with businesses, lobby groups, human rights organizations and various branches of the government. As one ITS graduate noted, "The ITS major gave me the interpersonal skills and knowledge of 'other worlds' that are now so important."

Work in Washington D.C. with a senator. Lead the Model UN of the Far West conference in San Fransico. Intern with the Jordan Embassy. Our students have done it. So can you.