About This Publication

K-KeefiliciousK-Keefilicious is the class publication for English 492, Senior Seminar in Writing, offered at Heidelberg College during Fall 2005.

The major writing projects published here represent the culmination of these students' writing careers at Heidelberg.

This year's publication features a good variety of works, from drama to fiction to journalism.

Other than formatting the text for the website, the editor takes no responsibility for the writing published here. He certainly has no idea what the title means, so don't ask.

If you'd like to find out more about this publication or about writing at Heidelberg University, feel free to contact Dave Kimmel, Associate Professor of English.

  • Angie ArdnerAngie Ardner

    A Day in Mingo's Shoes

    Angie Ardner, author of “A Day In Mingo’s Shoes,” a children’s novel with illustrations about a skunk who is very forgetful on her first day of school. Angie is a senior English writing major with a minor in Art. She enjoys reading, writing, painting, sketching, knitting, running, playing soccer, and spending time with friends and family. At Heidelberg, Angie is active in the Euglossian Society, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Phi Tau Lil Sis, the Heidelberg Athletic and Symphonic Band, and Intersociety Council. Enjoy reading this children’s novel with my own illustrations.

  • Jessica BunnellJessica Bunnell

    Weddings on a Budget

    I am originally from Amherst, Ohio. After graduating in May, I am planning a June wedding to my long-term boyfriend, Michael. Besides getting married, I am also pursuing a nursing degree from the local community college. After all of my college years are completed, I plan on leading a worry-free life in the exotic paradise, known as Bermuda.

    My final is all about planning a wedding with a budget. Not many people have rich parents that are willing to foot the bill or a never-ending saving account that can take on a $20,000 wedding, it?s realistic to plan a wedding in the cheapest way possible, without sacrificing the quality you desire.

  • Jeannie DeLeoneJeannie DeLeone

    Calm, Power

    I dislike Ohio and hope to move far away from it within the next year.

    I am originally from Tallmadge, Ohio.
    I love to write and to read (especially trashy romance novels, or books where people die).
    I like the outdoors, camping, fishing, football, but I hate to get dirty.
    I love polka dots, tights, and am obsessed with the 80?s.
    I dislike Aerosmith's cover of the song "Come Together", the Beatles do a much better job with that song.
    I like to procrastinate and am only motivated to do things if they really interest me.
    I used to want to be a jingle singer or a semi-truck driver when I was little.
    I hope to find a job in the magazine publishing industry within the next few years.
    Someday I'd like to return to school, get my PhD and teach creative writing at a university.
    I also really like corn dogs.

  • Danielle IseringhausenDanielle Iseringhausen

    The Reunion

    Hi, I’m Danielle Iseringhausen. I am a junior English Writing and AYA Education major. In my spare time I like to dance, read, eat, and hang out with my friends. I love to travel, especially anywhere that has a beach so I can swim and bodysurf. After graduation I plan on finding a job teaching high school English.

  • Cassandra LagunzadCassandra Lagunzad

    A Smile Survives

    Ohayo! My name is Cassandra Olympia Lagunzad. I am a senior at Heidelberg College. I hope to figure out what I want to do with my life before I graduate as a double major in Philosophy and English. That way, I can actually have a job. If not, I could use my large family as a network of cells that will work to distract the rest of the world while I formulate my plans for world domination. As Dominatrix of the World, I will be a beneficent leader. I work for the Berg newspaper the Kilikilik. Poetry is one of my favorite outlets. I also like to pretend that I am cryptic, even though my philosophy is easily accessible. Since I am a curious person, I have a variety of interests, so I am a little spread out. Music is my catalyst. Rock is my usual fare, though I can branch out into almost anything. I am also very talkative.

    Likes: Comics, video games, sleep, sparring, candy, the Tao, Saturday morning cartoons

    Dislikes: Ignorance, crappy music, most cannibals, anise

  • Emily SendelbachEmily Sendelbach


    I am Emily Sendelbach and I have grown up in rural Tiffin. In ten years I hope to be living on a farm taking care of a family. I also hope to have a house full of quilts I have made over the years. I wrote “Mensajes” as a personal memory of my experiences teaching a group of migrants the Catholic sacraments during the summer months of 2005.

  • Matt TurcoliveriMatt Turcoliveri


    Matt Turcoliveri, the author of the play entitled CHANGE, is a senior English Writing major with a broadcast journalism minor at Heidelberg College. Upon graduation in May, he plans on trying to get a job either with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) or the Chicago Cubs. In his free time, he loves watching The O’Reilly Factor, WWE RAW, WWE Smackdown, and MTV’S Punk’d. On campus he is involved with WHEI-TV as the executive producer, the Delts as a Delt Guy, and occasionally plays intramurals. He has a beagle named Sugar and is the proud uncle of a boy named David Joseph. He enjoys Miller High Life and Long Island Iced Teas. So sit back and enjoy reading the play, CHANGE!!!

  • 'Dave Kimmel"Dave Kimmel

    Dave Kimmel struggled in obscurity until his posthumous discovery by Alfred E. Knopf in 1926. Following his breakthrough novel, Head Cheese on the Olentangy, Kimmel embarked on an international speaking tour cut short due to an unfortunate incident involving a goat, three sherpas and five liters of bai jiu. He lives today in beautiful Tiffin, Ohio, where he works as a Perry Ferrell impersonator.