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Dr. Reyer writingWelcome to Poetry at Heidelberg, the website for Bill Reyer, Professor of English at Heidelberg University!

I have had the good fortune to spend my entire teaching career—now entering my 29th year—at Heidelberg. I come out of the small-school liberal arts tradition, having graduated in 1978 from Augsburg College in Minneapolis. Graduate study at Bowling Green State University, where I earned my Ph.D. brought me to Ohio—and ultimately to Heidelberg University. Having taught here since I was twenty-eight, I can say Heidelberg truly is my own Alma Mater.

Recently the Heidelberg community has been asking itself, "Why Heidelberg?" Personally, for me Heidelberg has been a source of poetic growth. The courses I teach have been an enhancement to this growth. Whether it is the towering ancient poetry of Homer and the Bhagavad-Gita, the stirring poetry of American diversity like that of Amiri Baraka and Lucille Clifton, or contemporary American poets like Mary Oliver, Robert Bly, or William Stafford—sharing these poets with my students deepens my own poetic sense. What is more important, however, is the enthusiasm I bring to teaching, which enhances the student experience, my central goal in both literature and writing courses.

As I continue to reflect on the theme of "Why Heidelberg?" in relation to my commitment to poetry, I am grateful for the unique opportunities the University has provided to teach and travel abroad. Teaching in both Yokohama and Tianjin has led to an enduring interest in the poetry of Asia. Poems based on my experiences in both Japan and China would not have come into being without these very special teaching assignments. It is my goal to open the breadth of World Poetry to students as I encourage academic excellence in my courses.

Again, welcome to my website! Enjoy the poems and links you find here. If you have questions about Poetry at Heidelberg, you are most welcome to contact me at wreyer@heidelberg.edu.

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