Ruth Wahlstrom

Ruth Wahlstrom
Professor of English
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Pfleiderer 205

Q: How long have you been teaching at Heidelberg? What do you enjoy about teaching or being here that’s kept you here?
43 years. I enjoy teaching and meeting a new “crop” every semester. I love the opportunity to teach seminars and create new courses like British Humor and Irish Literature.

Q: Describe your “approach” to teaching in one word.
(laughs) Enthusiastic.

Q: Virginia Wolfe or Kate Chopin?
Both were important for the women’s movement. While Chopin was important for giving credence to her personal background, Wolfe had a much broader influence on literature.

Q: It’s no secret that you’re (for lack of a better term) obsessed with Shakespeare, so what’s your favorite play by the Bard and why?
(She was unable to narrow it down to one, so she instead gave a favorite from each genre.) The Comedy of Errors (comedy); King Henry IV, Part I (history); King Lear (tragedy) because it becomes more and more interesting as you get older; and The Tempest (romance), which is one of [Shakespeare’s] most intriguing.
Of course, Hamlet is always intriguing and fascinating.

Q: Any advice for students—current or future?
Don’t give up on books, don’t stop reading. Stay curious and keep learning.

- Interview by Matt Echelberry '12