K-12 Reading Endorsement

Approved by the Ohio Board of Regents, this series of courses leads to a K-12 endorsement, after which the student must pass the appropriate Praxis examination. The endorsement permits teachers who hold an Ohio teaching license or certificate to teach reading to all students at any grade level (fulfilling the requirements of SB316), including Title II reading programs, as compared to the undergraduate reading endorsement which is attached to grade band license only. Students must have completed at least 12 hours of reading course pre-requisites (graduate or undergraduate). Additional graduate reading courses above the 12 hours may meet the requirements for any of the reading endorsement courses. Additional information on the state requirements can be found on the Ohio Department of Education website

The reading endorsement consists of four 3-semester hour graduate level courses for a total of 12 semester hours and includes the 100 hours of field/tutoring experience.  The state is mandating that the reading endorsement includes 15-21 hours of reading courses with 75% of the coursework completed at the graduate level. Since Heidelberg requires 12 hours of reading pre-requisite courses upon acceptance, our 12 hours of graduate reading endorsement courses meet the state mandate. All courses are offered online, powered by UThink©, with possible course offerings held at the Tiffin campus during the summer. These courses may be completed as coursework only (non-degree student), used as electives in the MAE degree program, or as additional coursework for those already holding a Master’s degree.

Please note: The on-line endorsement program is approved for Ohio residents only. Questions may be directed to Graduate Admissions at 419-448-2602 or grad-studies@heidelberg.edu.


Reading Endorsement Courses

Listed in sequential order; however, EDU 515 and EDU 513 may be switched should the schedule work best for you and as long as EDU 512 is taken first, and EDU 516 is taken last. Please note that 512, 513, and 515 are pre-requisites for 516 and cannot be taken concurrently. The 100 hours of field/tutoring experience is worked into the courses both virtually and face-to-face. 

  • EDU 512 - Foundations of Reading (3 semester hours)
  • EDU 515 - Diagnosis of Reading Abilities (3 semester hours)
  • EDU 513 - Teaching Reading in the Content Area (3 semester hours)
  • EDU 516 - Reading Intervention (3 semester hours; the first three courses are pre-requisites to this course)


Class Schedule

All endorsement classes are offered each semester. Courses are offered either as full semester courses (August-December and January-May) or in more condensed 8-week courses (August-October or October-December and January-March or March-May) and a shorter summer term (May-June). Students can register for one to two courses each semester, or just one course at a time in either format. We do not recommend taking more than 2 courses in one semester or more than 1 course in one 8-week term (including summer) due to the work load and required field hours. The first three courses MUST be completed before starting EDU 516. A complete course schedule is online at https://stella.heidelberg.edu/dad_PROD/hcclassinfo.P_GoLookUpClasses. 


K-12 Reading Endorsement Offers Opportunities

The K-12 Reading Endorsement provides teachers with knowledge and skills to identify the reading needs of students and apply knowledge for instructional decision making. Those enrolled in the program will gain an understanding of how to prescribe, differentiate reading instruction, and utilize appropriate strategies and materials from scientifically-based research in order to address prevention, identification, and remediation. The program includes clinical experiences working with students who have issues with reading and literacy. Upon completion, the endorsement will allow you to work with students in the public schools (kindergarten through grade twelve) who may need reading and writing assistance. It also prepares teachers to oversee the reading curriculum, diagnose reading difficulties, and supervise reading non-professional staff.

Ohio teachers seeking the Ohio Reading Endorsement must have completed the 12-hour reading core (including a course in phonics) as mandated by Ohio licensure PRIOR to taking the reading endorsement courses. A 3-hour course in the teaching of phonics is required; this requirement may have been completed in an undergraduate program. Most certified classroom teachers in the last ten years have taken the 12 hours of reading coursework as an undergraduate. Heidelberg’s School of Education will help teachers determine which courses are needed if they do not currently have 12 hours of reading coursework.