Mary Haynes-Spoon

Adjunct Instructor of Education
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Dr. Haynes-Spoon taught in the public schools in Tiffin for six years. She was a full professor at Ohio Northern University from 1974-2005, where she served as director of the Center of Teacher Education and the Director of Graduate Programs. Dr. Haynes-Spoon taught classes in early childhood education, middle childhood education, reading and curriculum. She directed student teaching placement. While at ONU, Dr. Haynes-Spoon prepared and guided three State Department of Education visits and four NCATE visits. She wrote the elementary education, middle childhood education and reading programs for the state and NCATE. She served as the president of the Ohio Association of Teacher Education and the secretary of the Ohio Association of Private Colleges of Teacher Education. Dr. Haynes-Spoon served in leadership positions on numerous college and university level committees.

Dr. Haynes-Spoon served on numerous state and national committees. She was a member of the Coalition of Education Organizations, The Education Commission of the States, Ohio 100 of America 2000, was a participant of the Governor's Education Summit and has been called upon to give expert testimony for the enlightenment of the Ohio Legislature.

Dr. Haynes-Spoon started teaching graduate classes in education in 1992 at Heidelberg University. She also taught some undergraduate classes in education from 2005-2008. She teaches on the Heidelberg campus and taught classes in Maumee for four years. She teaches Curriculum, Instructional Strategies, Reading in the Content Area, Trends in Elementary Education and Trends in Secondary Education.