Current Students

Steps to Becoming a Teacher

Step I

During first year, take: EDU 110 or MUS 100; EDU 115; PSY 101 (see licensure-specific advising sheets for recommended course sequences).

Candidates must earn a C- or higher in each of the above courses before advancing to step II.

Note: If a candidate scored lower than 21 on the ACT or candidate’s composite score was less than 1000 on the SAT, he/she must take Praxis I Tests 0710, 0720, 0730 during the first year. The Heidelberg passing score is 175 on each subtest.

Step II

Take EDU 200 (and 201 or 207 or 208 if required) and EIS 265 (camp experience required for licensure).

If a candidate earns a C- or higher in each of the above courses and has at least a 21 ACT or a 1000 or higher composite SAT or a 175 on all PPST subtests, he/she is ready for Step III.

Step III

Take (depending on candidate’s licensure): EDU 220, 225 (Early); EDU 220, 227 (Middle); EDU 220, 228 (AYA); EDU 220, 229 (Multi).

Ohio licensure candidates are required to complete successfully an Assessment of Professional (pedagogical) Knowledge for their first license. Candidates must take this assessment for the appropriate grade band prior to admission into the licensure program.

If candidate earns a C- or higher in each of the above courses and has taken the required Assessment of Professional Knowledge for the licensure area, he/she is ready for Step IV.

student in class

Step IV

Apply for Admission to Education Licensure Program (EDL). Candidate’s EDU 220 professor will provide the necessary form.

To be accepted into the program, candidate must:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  • Have taken the Assessment of Professional Knowledge;
  • Have an ACT composite of 21 or higher or an SAT combined score of 1000 or higher or 175 on all PPST subtests; and
  • Not have had two or more concern forms filed by two or more different professors.
  • Sign a copy of the Good Moral Character Statement

Note: Candidate will not be permitted to register for any professional education courses at the 300 level unless admitted to the Licensure Program. A 3.0 GPA must be maintained.

Step V

Student at the boardCandidate must earn state passing scores on all Ohio educator licensure assessment tests required for licensure area in order to register for Senior Student Teaching.

All Senior Student Teachers are required to spend the first two days of the school year (in which they are student teaching) in a classroom in their licensure area in order to observe “start up” procedures. Contact Dr. Robert Swanson, Director of the School of Education, if you have questions.

Note: Ohio state law requires Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation and Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprint background checks before candidates can be placed in schools. For information about this requirement, contact the Education Department Chair.

The Ohio Assessments for Educators

Beginning in September 2013, the Ohio Assessments for Educators will replace the Praxis II series as the required Ohio educator licensure assessments, except for world languages, which will continue to use the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and Writing Proficiency Test (WPT). The Ohio Assessments for Educators assess the content-area and professional (pedagogical) knowledge of candidates who are seeking initial Ohio educator licensure or adding a new licensure area. The assessments are aligned with Ohio Academic Content Standards and Common Core State Standards.

For more information regarding Ohio licensure requirements, visit the Educator Licensure page ( on the Ohio Department of Education website.