Computer Science

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Major Academic Plan: 
Computer Science 16-17

Technology changes every day. You need to be prepared not only for today's technology, but for tomorrow's. Our computer science and information systems programs will give you a fundamental, yet broad-based skill set that will enable you to adapt quickly to challenges throughout your career.Student working on computer

Computer Science at Heidelberg

Prepare for a career, not just a job

Students are exposed to a strong, broad-based foundation in information technology, setting them up for successful careers in a high-paying industry.

Small, "feels like home" atmosphere

Our classes are small, and our faculty are caring. You'll progress through the program with a group of students who will be more than just classmates: they'll become friends. Faculty are approachable and always willing to help.  

Hands-on experience

Students have the opportunity to earn credits via internships, independent study coursework in a dedicated advanced laboratory, and Special Topics in Computer Science, a course which allows our faculty and students to explore new and emerging technologies.

Major Courses

  • CPS 150 - Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • CPS 201 - Computer Programming I
  • CPS 202 - Computer Programming II
  • CPS 301 - Computer Organization
  • CPS 302 - Operating Systems
  • CPS 311 - Data Structures
  • CPS 312 - Programming Languages
  • CPS 325 - Data Communications and Networking
  • CPS 343 - Software Engineering
  • CPS 490 - Capstone Topics in Computing
  • Two additional courses from CPS 314 - Database Management, 316 - Spreadsheet Modeling, 330 - Web Application Development, 340 - System and Network Administration, 341 - System Analysis and Design and 350 - Topics in Computer Science.

Allied Courses

  • PHI 202 - Logic
  • PHI 380 - Symbolic Logic
  • Two mathematics courses which must include either MTH 210 - Elementary Statistics or 312 - Introducation to Mathematical Statistics.