Alumni Profiles

Brian MeltonBrian Melton '12

Brian works at Information Control Corporation as a Java Web Applications and Mobile Development Consultant. Brian works with a diverse team of software and business consultants to build quality commercial and enterprise software. Generally, you can find him writing Java, Bash, or Python to consume and test enterprise web services. He enjoys developing on a Unix/Linux stack.

"Heidelberg was, for me, the springboard that everyone hopes their college will be for them. In four years I made the best friends of my life, traveled the world, and learned more than I ever imagined. You won't believe how much the faculty cares about your time here. The Computer Science Department comprises some of most intelligent and friendly people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I cannot give the faculty and curriculum enough praise for the opportunities they have afforded me."

Brian double-majored in German

Doeun Chhan

Doeun Chhan '03

Doeun started his professional career as a Computer Operator with the Shamrock Company. There he was charged with the processing and printing of client statements with volume consistently exceeding 1 million images a month. In 2008, he was promoted to Processing Project Manager and was responsible for the ongoing development, maintenance, and enhancement of internal applications. He managed all phases of projects, including conception, design, testing and production.

In 2011, he joined the Cleveland Clinic as an Applications Developer. He was responsible for supporting and participating in the design, development, and deployment of their Credentialing and Provider Enrollment application. He was later promoted to Department Analyst IV where he managed clinical integration projects that provide a mechanism through which physicians can collaborate around quality and value. This initiative is known as the Quality Alliance. Its goals are to develop a network, led by its physician members, that will improve quality of care, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Doeun was selected to lead the Clinic’s IT team for data integration of the Quality Alliance program across 63 distinct practice management systems. He was tasked with performing system analysis at physician practices for the collection of data, evaluation and scope of various practice management systems in accordance with the program. He is forever thankful for his Heidelberg education as he continues to move through his career.

“The success of my professional career was the product of my Heidelberg education. The computer science department could not have prepared me better for real-world IT experience. The strategic curriculum of hardcore programming courses, blended with database and data structure theories helped lay the foundation which allowed me the opportunity to grow as an IT professional. This enabled me to successfully implement “outside the box” business solutions to various clients in a fast paced work environment. My experience at the “The Berg” prepared me well for the job I do today.”

Darren Brink ‘02darren brink

During his years at Heidelberg, Darren had the opportunity to create a website for the Tiffin Parks and Recreation department. It was that experience that convinced him to focus on web development/software as a career.

“A major perk of having a Computer Science degree is the ability to work remotely anywhere in the world. I work for a company based out of Cleveland, and my family and I recently moved to Maine. This wouldn’t be possible without my degree.”

Darren currently works for Precision Dialogue Marketing, a marketing and analytics company that captures and segments consumer data for clients. He works in the e-commerce department to architect and develop software modules. This requires him to work with companies all over the United States like Olympus Cameras, Pop Cap, and Griffin Technologies. He has also worked with companies outside the U.S. in Australia, England, Germany, France and Dubai.

“Communication is critical no matter what your career path, but learning how to do so in a manner that is constructive, motivational and helps promote your team is the key to success. That’s what I learned at Heidelberg.”

Throughout his career, Darren has worked in the IT department for a Food Services company, software company contractor, and a start-up company. He has held titles from developer to project manager to architect and team leader. His experiences at Heidelberg have stayed with him throughout his career.

“Continuing to learn and expand on the skill sets I've gained over the years has led to the success I've found. I am very proud to say the first building blocks of these skills were learned at Heidelberg.”

Jake MillerJake Miller ‘01

After graduation, Jake began his career at May Department stores as a COBOL and Visual Basic programmer for the fashion buyers. He is currently a Software Developer for Allied Machine and Engineering and Assistant Track Coach at New Philadelphia High School.

“The Computer Science program at Heidelberg allowed me to succeed by giving me real life problems to work on while still in school. When I attended Heidelberg, most of the Computer Science professors served as the IT staff. This allowed me to not only learn in the classroom setting but also learn in real-world and real-time settings. They were in charge of the web site and the physical equipment, so classroom theory sometimes had to be applied to keep the campus running. This real-time application of what we were learning and the ability so see professors in situations that I would see when I started my career is something that certainly helped me attain my goals and succeed.”