MBA Elective Tracks

Heidelberg University offers two elective tracks in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program: One in general management, Field Study Track, consisting of a total of 39 semester hours, and one in general management plus entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Track, consisting of a total of 45 semester hours.

The MBA degree, regardless of elective track choice, is designed to be completed in 24 months of part-time study by students entering with all prerequisites. Students selecting the Entrepreneurship Track will take 4 courses in Entrepreneurship provided they complete GSB 587. Elective Track selection will take place at the beginning of the second year of part-time study. These elective tracks are taken in the same term as other GSB courses and do not add calendar time to graduation. Students may also be admitted to the Entrepreneurship courses as “Coursework Only” students.

Field Study Track (6 hrs)

The Field Study Track focuses on working with a team under a faculty supervisor to solve a business problem of profit or nonprofit clients. Issues will vary depending on the project and come from a variety of areas such as business strategy, organiziation structre and control systems, work relationships and processes, market information, etc.

The first course, GSB 595, involves in-class preparation and introduces the student to the conepts of team management, client relationships, interviewing, using library resources, questionnaire design, and the written report and oral presentation. In GSB 596, the second course, involves the applications of the concepts learned in GSB 595 whereby students negotiate the contract, define issues, collect data, execute the interviews and questionnaires, and develop the written and oral report for the client. Both courses are completed with the cooperation of the Heidelberg Business Institute.

Field Study Track Courses:

GSB 595 Field Study I 3
GSB 596 Field Study II 3

Entrepreneurship Track (12 hrs)

The Entrepreneural Track carries on the tradition of the MBA program of “developing in students the knowledge and skills needed for general management” by placing additional emphasis on the entrepreneurial component that distinguishes management as a discipline.This elective track is designed for those students who expect to pursue a dream of creating their own business whether for profit or not-for-profit sometime in their career. Whether this dream is for the immediate future or for 5, 10 or 15 or more years away, this series of courses will help guide the student toward achieving that dream.

The Entrepreneurship Track starts with GSB 585 and explores the creativity techniques that will help you decide on an opportunity path to follow for the remainder of the program. GSB 586 is designed to assist you to perform the research necessary to thoroughly understand the industry economics, markets, competition, risks and financing connected with your opportunity choice and, using decision-making tools, to devise strategies to minimize the risks. GSB 587 will help you develop a business plan of high professional quality suitable for presentation to a venture capitalist. The final course, GSB 588, will hone your skills in negotiation as you prepare to present your opportunity to a panel of experts and proceed to the startup phase. All course concepts are applied to your specific opportunity dream.

Entrepreneurship Track Courses:

GSB 585 Entrepreneurship I: Creativity and Opportunity 3
GSB 586 Entrepreneurship II: Opportunity and Research 3
GSB 587 Entrepreneurship III: Innovation and Planning 3
GSB 588 Entrepreneurship IV: Negotiation and Startup 3