Student Activities

Biology studentsBiology Honorary – Beta Beta Beta

Beta Beta Beta is an honor society for biology students. The purpose of this society is to stimulate sound scholarship, promote the dissemination of scientific truth and encourage investigation in the life sciences. Beta Beta Beta is affiliated with the American Institute of Biological Sciences.

Throughout the year the group organizes activities including a plant sale, haunted bio lab, and trips to museums. 


Heidelberg students have the opportunity to present their research at the annual Student Reseach Conference. Some topics from the past several years include:

  • Ben Laubender – “Seasonal Fish Kills among Intersex Males” 
  • Britt Grimmett – “Comparing Mouse Flora During Life and After Death” 
  • Katherine Daniel – “Antibiotic Resistance of E Coli in Raw Milk” 
  • Billy Banks - "Testing Dogs' and Cats' Paws for Pathogenic Bacteria" 
  • Josh Bierbaugh - "The Effects of Light on Zooplankton Migration" 
  • Craig Conrad - "Macroinvertebrate Colonization of Hester-Dendy Samplers in Streams Varying in Velocity and Shade" 
  • Matt Lamoreaux - "Rotifer Migration and Distribution in Natural and Laboratory Conditions" 
  • Josh Bierbaugh and Matt Lamoreaux - "The Effects of Submerged Green Light on Zooplankton Migration" 
  • Christopher Boehler - "Larval Fish Drift in Honey Creek"
  • Nikki Lagendyk - "Normal Eye Flora: Effects of Gender and Contacts"