Biology & Environmental Science

pam with studentBiology

Travel, conduct your own research, gain internship experience, work with professors, take classes you care about, and get prepared for a career. That's what Heidelberg can offer you. In our biology program, you get to call the shots for your own education. With a faculty that loves teaching, they not only encourage you to explore and expand, but they'll also help you do it. 

A major in biology can take you places. Thinking about allied health, podiatry, dentistry, medicine, veterinary medicine, medical technology, nursing, pharmacology, physical therapy, public health, agriculture, horticulture, agronomy, forestry, plant pathology, entomology, environmental management or forensic biology. You could also decide to head to graduate school or medical school.

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Environmental Science

Our program is personal. Get to know your faculty members who are actively engaged in environmental research. Have a chance to work with professors and contribute your own ideas. 

  • With the National Center for Water Quality Research housed on Heidelberg's campus, along with access to seven natural areas and a variety of labs, students here have an amazing opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience conducting their personal research projects. 
  • The curriculum's versatile design builds knowledge based on previous experiences in coursework and the field. You can tailor your classes to fit your personal career goals.