Athletic Training Candidate Admission Process

  1. Complete the following course work at Heidelberg with a grade of "B - " or better:
    1. ATR 180 Advanced Emergency Care (Spring Only -2 credits)
    2. ATR 171 Acute Care of Injury & Illness (Fall OR Spr -3 credits)
    3. ATR 150 Medical Terminology (Fall or Spring Only -1 cr.)
    4. HSC 110 Foundations of Professional Practice (Fall or Spring -1 cr.)
    5. BIO 110 Current Biological Problems with LAB (Fall OR Spring 4 cr.)
      • (BIO 123 with Lab strongly recommended for students interested in further pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant Studies or other graduate level healthcare programs) (Fall only)
  2. Complete a minimum of 75 minimum hours of observation (non-patient care) in the clinical athletic training setting under the supervision of a Heidelberg University ATP Faculty Preceptors.  These hours do not count toward the required minimum 800 clock-hours for completion of the ATP.
  3. Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 during the application year.
  4. Demonstrate compliance with all of Heidelberg's ATP policies (policies found at
  5. Complete a formal interview with members of the ATP Selection Committee to assess the intellectual, social and technical skills of the candidate. (TBA Spring semester)
  6. Completion of Blood-Borne Pathogen Training prior to beginning any clinical observation hours with the ATP Clinical Coordinator and completion of Blood-Borne Pathogen Training provided by the Stoner Health Center (TBA Spring semester).
  7. Submission of three letters of recommendation electronically using the form within the ATP Application (can be completed by any non-Heidelberg Athletic Training Faculty).  Letters of recommendation should be e-mailed directly to the ATP Director at
  8. Complete the online ATP Application and submit all required medical forms to Stoner Health Center by the April 1st due date. 
  9. Admission to the Athletic Training Program is competitive and selective. Completion of the application standards does not guarantee admission into the ATP.  Final admission into the program rests with the decision of the ATP Selection Committee.  Enrollment in the ATP is typically limited to 15 students per-academic year.
  10. The ATP Director reserves the right to institute an “Ability to Benefit Policy” in unique situations. This policy allows an AT candidate to be considered for entry into the ATP if:
    1. An AT candidate does not meet all ATP Application requirements because of some unusual and/or extenuating circumstances which may have negatively affected their application process.
    2. There are more than 12 qualified AT candidates that have completed the ATP Application, the ATP Director reserves the right to admit more than 15 candidates if the ATP is able to maintain the required 8:1 students to faculty ratio.

See Common Curriculum Athletic Training Options Below:

  1. Athletic Training + Preprofessional (will likely require additional summer coursework)
  2. Athletic Training + Health & Human Performance - Exercise Science Track (Double Major)
  3. Athletic Training + Health Sciences (not including the preprofessional curriculum) (Double Major) - students interested in this double major combination in addition to completing preprofessional curriculum will likely need to complete additional summer/semester coursework.
  4. Athletic Training + Minor (wellness, sports management, psychology or communication are common)

Submit any questions regarding the ATP Application to Professor Bates via e-mail at:, via phone: 1-419-448-2290, or in person: Saurwein Health & Wellness Center Office - 213.