Heidelberg Mission

Mission Statement

Heidelberg University is a community of learning that promotes and nurtures intellectual, personal and professional development, leading to a life of purpose with distinction.

Vision Statement

Heidelberg will be a welcoming, student-centered university where in-class and out-of-class learning is seamless and continuous. Both the undergraduate and graduate curriculums will effectively integrate liberal arts and professional preparation across disciplines to prepare our students to be global citizens who communicate effectively, think critically and serve thoughtfully.

Statement of Educational Philosophy and Values

Heidelberg University, in the Liberal Arts tradition, educates persons who can act effectively and with integrity in a world of change. It cherishes academic excellence, honors knowledge, encourages original research, and promotes a lifelong commitment to free inquiry. Heidelberg is dedicated to being a diverse community that challenges students to understand their cultural heritage and the contemporary world, to explore frontiers of knowledge, and to develop powers of mind and spirit. In keeping with its historic affiliation with the United Church of Christ, students, faculty, and staff and the Board of Trustees work together to understand and respect diverse cultures, religions and lifestyles. Heidelberg University develops individuals with high moral and ethical standards who are productive in their life's work, engaged in their communities, and responsible citizens of the world.

Statement of Institutional Goals

At the time of graduation, Heidelberg students will be capable of:

  1. Demonstrating the breadth of knowledge and creative and critical thinking skills to fully participate as citizens of the changing world;
  2. Synthesizing theory, knowledge and experience related to their majors;
  3. Demonstrating the writing and speaking skills to communicate effectively within their disciplines;
  4. Demonstrating the quantitative and problem-solving skills sufficient for their disciplines and for functioning in an increasingly technical society;
  5. Demonstrating an awareness of their own cultures and a sensitivity to and appreciation of other cultures;
  6. Valuing the quest for purpose, integrity, and spiritual growth;
  7. Demonstrating an engagement with Heidelberg University and the local community, as well as with the nation and the world.

In the years following graduation, alumni will find that their experiences while at Heidelberg played an important role in:

  1. Shaping their understanding and appreciation of the world;
  2. Developing the abilities and strength of character to achieve their personal goals;
  3. Developing the capacity and willingness to contribute in a positive and constructive way to the communities in which they live and to Heidelberg University.

Approved by the Heidelberg University Board of Trustees
October 11, 2003