From the President's Desk

From November 1, 2009

To the Heidelberg Community:

With a 158-year history as rich as Heidelberg’s, there have been milestones too numerous to count. We experienced another important historic event on Oct. 25 when the Board of Trustees overwhelmingly voted to change the name of the institution from Heidelberg College to Heidelberg University.

While our new name will be phased in over the next several months, I want to share with you the tremendous sense of excitement on campus that has been building for quite some time. We have not taken this change lightly; for several years, we have studied the issue from every possible angle. This new name will bring with it positive implications for the future of Heidelberg. We firmly believe – and research confirms – the notion that we will derive greater name recognition and prestige from our new name. Research also tells us that “university” creates a higher level of visibility, particularly in the international market, and will enhance our ability to recruit and retain quality students and a more diverse student body.

Many of you have heard us say that “university” is a more accurate descriptor of the institution we have become. This is certainly reflective in a number of initiatives that will come alive in not-too-distant future – initiatives such as the new Adams Hall for the revamped School of Business and other curricular additions that are waiting in the wings.

I want to assure you that the Heidelberg you have come to treasure will not change, and our values will stay close at heart. But we will become stronger. We will continue to be a tight-knit community of learners that promotes and nurtures intellectual, personal and professional development. Our culture will, as always, focus on personal attention that is a Heidelberg hallmark.

As we move ahead, we look forward to creating new traditions while honoring those that mean so much to our alumni, faculty and staff, and current students. I hope you will join me in embracing your new Heidelberg University.

James A. Troha, Ph.D.
Interim President