Honors Presentations

April 22, 2014 - 3:00pm - 5:30pm
April 23, 2014 - 3:00pm - 5:30pm
April 24, 2014 - 3:00pm - 4:15pm
Herbster Chapel


  • 3:00 Greeting
  • 3:10 Katelyn Hough
    How to Create a Modern Adaptation of Shakespearean Drama: The M Word
  • 3:25 Bethany Mattern
    College Student Athletes' Perceptions of Sports Related Helping Professionals
  • 3:40 Danielle Pike
    Pyschology and the Military: Historical and Clinical Connections
  • 3:55 Break
  • 4:10 Genna Fusco
    Gender Differences in Phases of Cold Sensation during Cold Water Immersion
  • 4:25 Lauren Ash
    Accounting for Pensions and Postretirement Benefits: U.S. GAAP vs. IFRS
  • 4:40 Elizabeth Rhode
    Bereavement: Finding Healing through Loss
  • 4:55 Felicia Konrad
    The History of Women's Clothing in England
  • 5:10 Victoria Miller
    Sit, Stay, Comfort: Therapy Dogs in Today's Public Schools


  • 3:00 Greeting
  • 3:10 Jenny Simko
    Foregiveness is an Act of Will: Surviving Japanese Atrocities During World War II
  • 3:25 Brandon Herrmann
    Providing Access to the Johnson's Island Field Specimen Catalogue
  • 3:40 Brittany Labry
    Genetic Indetification and Comparison of different clam species within the Family Sphaeriidae
  • 3:55 Break
  • 4:10 Allison Kennedy
    The Use of Solid-Phase Extraction-Ultra-High Pressure Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry in Determining the Effectiveness of EmporeTM Disks in Recovering Pesticides from Water
  • 4:25 Nicolette Horvat
    "No Beans, No Meat, No Soul…No Way!" A Comparison of the Pythagorean and Raelian Cults
  • 4:40 Leah Boileau
    Global Brands and Local Adaptations: Incorporating Culture to Deliver Effective Brand Platforms
  • 4:55 Kyle Sherepita
    The Interconnectivity of String Quartet Writing
  • 5:10 Kelly Cloninger
    A Literary Analysis of Mass Effect


  • 3:00 Greeting
  • 3:10 Zachary Alan Myers
    Libertarian Government
  • 3:25 Claire Meneer
    Conveying the Glass Ceiling for Women: The Double-Standards that occur in today's workforce
  • 3:40 Joseph Wisard
    Zombie Politics
  • 3:55 Deidre McVay
    The Quest for World Order: How International Legal Rules Affect National Sovereignty and International Hegemony

During their senior year, honors students develop a senior research project with a faculty mentor. Students select a project within their field that gives them a chance to show creativity and dig deeper into the subject. The project includes a written portion and a public presentation.

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