Student Awards Ceremony

May 1, 2014

Student Awards CeremonyAbout 60 students were honored April 25 at Heidelberg University’s annual Student Awards Celebration, which recognizes student achievement in the areas of academics, athletics, service and leadership among individual students, student organizations and faculty and staff members.

During the celebration, the students also presented the Faculty Member of the Year Award to Dr. Ken Baker, professor of biology.

Taking the top student awards, the Daniel J. and W.J.K. Snyder Prize, for the top overall graduating seniors were Lauren Stainbrook and Jacob Thompson.

Graduating senior Deana Shook was selected to give the address during the celebration. She titled her remarks The Difference of One.

Here is a complete list of this year’s award winners:

  • Louisa K. Fast/Theodora Wilson AAUW Graduate Scholarship 
    Lauren Stainbrook
  • Arthur and Helen Bean Award 
    Kyle McDonald
  • Berg Falcon Master of Accountancy Scholarship 
    Dorion Kempf
  • Beta Beta Beta Outstanding Freshman Award 
    Alexandra Bauer and Allison Perry
  • F.J. Brand Prize in Physics 
    Brandon Lust
  • Burghalter Memorial Award 
    Genna Fusco 
  • CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award 
    Alexandra Bauer
  • The J. Paul Chidester Prize 
    Jon Angelone
  • Emerging Leader Award
    Jenelle Wendorf
  • Helmut Fischer Prize
    Kenzie Lundqvist
  • Alexandra and Christina Garver Memorial Prize 
    Colin Higgins (first) and Summer Hunter-Kysor (second)
  • William Henry Gibson Prize 
    Melissa Flowers
  • Dr. John W. Groce Prize in Chemistry
     Lilian White
  • Eleanor Schlichter Grover Scholarship 
    Summer Hunter-Kysor
  • Martha and Ernest Hammel Research Award
    Kearstin Bailey (first), Lauren Stainbrook (second) and Jessica Reed (third)
  • Paul H. Hoernemann Award 
    Sophie Goobic and Aaron Kapelka
  • Paul H. Hoernemann Memorial Prize in Music 
    Kelly Devine
  • Home Savings and Loan Co. Scholarship 
    Jeanine P. Van Der Laar
  • Jane Frost Kalnow Memorial Fund Career in Accounting Award 
    Richard Dowdley
  • Jane Frost Kalnow Memorial Fund Award in German Language and Literature 
    Ana Taylor
  • Jane Frost Kalnow Memorial Fund Career in Industry Award 
    Victoria Amburgey
  • John I. Kolehmainen Scholarship 
    Bethany Beaver, Colin Higgins and Summer Hunter-Hysor
  • John A. Krout Prize in American History 
    Laura Gilchrist
  • OAC Clyde Lamb Scholar Athlete Award 
    Joseph Staab and Amber Welfle
  • Edward Lamb Foundation Prize in Business Administration and Economics 
    Jeanine Van Der Laar
  • Frederick D. Lemke Award in English
    Sebastian Williams
  • Lewis Miller International Ambassador Award
    Erik Furst
  • Dr. A.G. McQuate Award in Field Biology 
    Jacob Cochran and Christopher Osborne
  • Dr. Rose More Education Award 
    Taylor Rambo
  • Ferris and Dorothy Ohl Prize 
    Melissa Flowers
  • Alan S. Okun Memorial Prize 
    Scott Carpenter
  • Robert E. Oleson Outstanding Student Leader Award 
    Deana Shook
  • Arnold Oliver Award 
    Emily Jones
  • Lenore Osterholm Prize in Spanish 
    Dylan Blanton and Nicolette Horvat
  • Outstanding First-Year Student in Criminal Justice
    Kaela Bryant and Allison Gales
  • Outstanding Graduating Senior in Criminal Justice
    Joseph Wizard
  • Outstanding First-Year Student in Psychology 
    Alyssa Gable
  • Outstanding Student Employee of the Year 
    Amanda Barger
  • Pretzer Memorial Prize in Religion 
    Kenzie Lundqvist
  • Pride Award: Most Outstanding Student in Athletic Training Education Program 
    Genna Fusco
  • Purpose Award: Most Outstanding Athletic Training Clinical Student 
    Alan Koren
  • Professionalism Award: Student Leadership in Athletic Training Education Program 
    Karen Nybeck
  • Prugh Prize in Athletics 
    Kathleen Phillips and Michael Petrie
  • Psi Chi Outstanding Senior Award 
    Katelyn Hough and Sandra Natole
  • Martin A. Reno Emerging Scholar Prize in Computing 
    Stephanie Below
  • Martin A. Reno Senior Scholar Prize in Computing 
    Stephen Wilhelm
  • Sayer Family Outstanding Senior in International Studies Award 
    Emily Jones
  • Herman E. Sayger Award 
    Erik Furst and Jami Wagner
  • John C. Shinn Memorial Award 
    Dylan Blanton and Austin Hunter
  • E.J. Shives Prize in Chemistry 
    Jennifer Simko
  • Martin Walter Smith Prize in History 
    Felicia Konrad (highest GPA) and Anna Sisco (best paper)
  • William F. Steele Prize in Mathematics 
    Aaron Kapelka
  • George Stinchcomb Prize in Natural Science or Mathematics 
    Lilian White
  • Student Organization Advisor of the Year 
    Ashlyn Cameron
  • Student Organization of the Year
    Chemistry Club
  • Christi Thomas Memorial Award 
    Amanda Barger
  • Wickham Prize in Business 
    Lauren Ash and Erica Huffman
  • E.I.F. Williams Memorial Prize in Education 
    Erin Biglin and Julia Kagy (elementary) and Laura Gilchrist and Andrew Zenczak (secondary)
  • Ira and Robert Wilson Memorial Scholarship
    Lauren Stainbrook
  • Leanne O. Wolff Award in Communication 
    Ashley Racicot
  • Allan King Zartman Prize in Biology 
    Emily Glor
  • Elizabeth Conrad Zartman Prize in Philosophy 
    Gregory Marsano